Tatsuya Matsuki (29) the Orginal author of Act-Age, a drama manga published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has been arrested by Metropolitan Police Department for “indecent act against a teenage girl”.

Update 1: The age of girl is reported to be inbetween 10-19.

Update 2: it has now been confirmed the victim is in Middle school (12-15 years of age). The incident occurred on June 18th, around 8pm. Matsuki touched and harassed a Junior High girl. Approximately 1 hour later he similarly harassed another girl.

After the police received a report about the first incident, he fled by bicycle. The Metropolitan Police Department analyzed security camera footage and came to the conclusion that both cases were connected. Matsuki, admitted to the charges himself.

Also here is his author comment from issue 33/34.

[NEW UPDATES] Act-Age Author Tatsuya Matsuki arrested by police for Indecent Act Against a Teenage Girl

Update 3: The editorial staff at Jump has released a statement saying, “There has been a report about Tatsuya Matsuki, author of act-age, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, that the editorial department will take seriously. After confirming the events, we will deal with the matter appropriately. We sincerely apologize for every inconvenience and concern caused to our readers.” (Translation by @WSJ_MANGA)

Update 4: Footage of Tatsuya Matsuki’s arrest has been released.

Writer Tatsuya Matsuki and artist Shiro Usazaki first launched the Act-Age series in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2018 and since then 12 compiled volumes have been published.

The story follows Kei Yonagi, a high school girl who strives to become an actress. She lives with her two younger siblings, after their father left them and their mother died. Kei has an extreme talent for method acting, to the point where she loses track of reality while acting. At an audition, some speculate that acting of this intensity could be self-destructive, and cite that as a reason for not accepting her. However, Kei catches the eye of the highly acclaimed director Sumiji Kuroyama, who steps forward with the intent of bringing out her full potential.

The article will be updated with more information as soon they will be released by police.