The third episode of Akudama Drive just came out recently and fans are now very excited for the next episode. Unlike other anime which are based on some sort of source material, usually a manga or light novel, Akudama Drive on the other hand is an original anime created by studio Pierrot and Too Kyo Games. Moreover it directed and written by Kazutaka Kodaka who is known for creating the acclaimed game series Danganronpa.

In the fourth episode titled “Mission Impossible”, we saw how the newly formed group of Akudama broke into the air-tight security of Kansai station and infiltrated the top-secret and highly secured Shinkansen express.

Now let us take a look at Akudama Drive Episode 4 release Date, preview, countdown and we will also tell you the ways to watch the latest episode.

Release Date

The fourth episode of Akudama Drive is scheduled to release on October 29, 2020 at 9:30 pm JST. Note that the anime will be getting a new episode every Thursday. Moreover, the anime will run for a total of 12 episodes starting from October 8 to December 24, 2020.

Akudama Drive Episode 4 Countdown

Episode 4 Preview and Synopsis

As shown in the above preview trailer the next episode is titled “Speed” and the official website has shared a brief summary/synopsis for the upcoming episode:

Shinkansen, invaded by Akudama, departs from Kansai Station. Unexpectedly, the black cat says that if he robs the safe, the operation will be successful. However, the time limit is only 10 minutes. After that, you will enter the area of death called the “absolute isolation area”.

To make matters worse, the two members of the execution department also boarded the Shinkansen. The execution section’s response is left to the “fighting shop”, and the “general people” head for the leading vehicle with a safe, but the “courier” stops for some reason.

Where to Watch Online?

You can watch the episode 4 and all the previous episodes through Funimation if you living in North America. Meanwhile the fans residing in Australia can use Animelab and Aniplus for Asia. The series is also available on Hulu worldwide.

When is Akudama Drive english dub Release Date?

Akudama Drive english dub release

Sadly, as of writing there is no confirm news about the English dub version of the anime. However, we should take it into account that Funimation is streaming the anime and they are popular for their simuldubs. Moreover, nowadays most of the popular anime series get an English dub so the possibility is very high.


The story takes place in a futuristic world where long ago a war broke our between “Kanto” and “Kansei” and it divided the world. But at the end of the war, Kansei became a vassal to Kanto.

However, with time Kansei’s government and police force declined, and crime became rampant and gave birth to criminals known as “Akudama.” Now a group of most wanted six Akudama have grouped together to carry out missions given to them by a mysterious black cat, while evading the police and executioners.