Angel Beats!, Charlotte Creator Jun Meada to announce his New Anime on May 10

Angel Beats!, Charlotte Creator Jun Meada to announce his New Anime on May 10

Clannad, Angel Beats! and Charlotte has proven themselves to be some of the most successful franchises in past two decades. And it is all thanks to visionary and musically infused writing of Jun Meada. And ever since Charlotte has ended, fans have been waiting for his next big work.

Luckily it seems like famed writer and music composer is finally returning with a new slate of projects along with a new Original anime. During the latest Genron Cafe livestream on Nico Nico Douga held on Tuesday in Tokyo, Jun Meada revealed that he will announce a handful of new projects on May 10. One of those projects includes a new online portal called Jun Maeda’s Associate Lab and a new anime series.

Update: P.A. Works, Jun Maeda’s New original anime The Day I Became a God has been announced.

Last year P.A. works studio producer Mitsuhito Tsuji expressed his desire to work on a new project with Jun Meada. He said,”Charlotte episode 6 may be the most I have cried in our own show (Also Angel Beats episode). I would like to cry again with script from Maeda too… How about it Maeda-san?”. Not so long ago the official twitter account to Charlotte/Angel Beats! also teased about a new project.

Angel Beats! anime key visual
Angel Beats! anime key visual

Maeda first collaborated with P.A Works in 2010 to develop Angel Beats! mixed project. He worked as a script writer, composer, lyricist for the show. Later they joined forces to create fantasy anime Charlotte in 2015.

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