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What Happened In The Web Novel Chapter 591(1465)?


The appearance of this old man in the heavenly family has made many Tianzun hearts very pleasantly surprised.

They did not expect that there would be a true God in the heavenly family. This would be a great help.

But seeing the true meaning of the Holy Family and leaving his son here, this shows that the other party did not put the true God of the heavenly family in his eyes.

As for the original sin Tianzun who heard the boy of Capricorn, his face showed a smile: “You just don’t let me kill you, give me a roll.”

After all, the original sin Tian Zun will tremble with a long gun. The Capricorn only feels a flower in front of him, as if there is a star in his chest at this moment, bursting open to produce a huge impact, and he will fly out!

Capricorn was shot by this gun, and the nine Tianzuns also said nothing, and they rose up and followed their temples…

“Is it really let them go?” The original sin Tian Zun would slap a rifle and ask in a faint hand.

When the old man looked at the direction in which they left, they said faintly: “Let them leave, kill a holy saint, we will lose all opportunities, which is not cost-effective.”

After the Sanctuary and his party left, the old man introduced the person to the Tianzun who was present.

It turns out that the old man is the third disciple of the saint named Xingwei.

Because of the dispute between the saints, the disciples of the saints also died and died, but the tail of the star broke into the body of the saint’s body, that is, the universe escaped, but it also fell into a long sleep.

A few years ago, the star tail just woke up once and activated the blood of the heavenly family.

The heavenly family is arranged by the disciples. After the activation at a certain time, the heavenly family begins to operate according to the determined orbit…

Among them, the old patriarch is one of the rings, the true dragon is another ring, the gods have no thoughts as a ring, and Luo Zheng is the most important one.

At the very beginning, the disciples of the saints intended to regard Luo Zheng as a dark chess, hoping that he would grow up in the dark, while the Xuanyuan morning breeze was a clear chess, and other roads helped Xuanyuan morning wind.

Just above the operation, after all, there have been many flaws, and the disciples’ ability is no longer enough.

So Luo Zheng got the first place, and eventually he could only become this dark chess by Luo Xiyu.

However, the speed of the plan is so fast that the Xingwei adults and the old patriarchs have been unable to think too much. They will first send Luo Zheng to the gods and ban the land.

Otherwise, there will be more layouts, and it will still be just awkward.

This singularity of the saints has made the sense of crisis of many gods more intense, especially the four gods who are ignorant of the gods, Xuanyuan, Qi, Jijia, Jijia are descendants of the disciples, if the saints occupy Haoyu may be able to leave other forces, but will definitely eliminate the four families.

A few days later, the Taoists left Yunyu and were transferred to the forbidden land.

According to the old patriarch, the sacred land is a very complicated place.

First of all, the world is vast and boundless. It does not belong to the universe, but also the inner world of a saint.

It’s just that this body of the world has brought together warriors from the domain of the gods and the world of the saints.

In this sacred land, it is also an excellent place to experience.

Ten tracks are transmitted at the same time, and this transmission does not open the transmission channel in the ordinary sense!

The transmission channel only uses the space law to bring the extremely distant space closer, and the distance is still in existence.

But this time, Luo Zheng is only a moment, he has come to a strange world, he knows that this is no longer a universe.

“Cave, cave?”

Luo Zheng looked up at the sky and found himself in a huge cave!

It is said to be “huge” because Luo Zheng has been unable to describe how large the cave is. The dome of this cave extends almost to infinity. The height from the ground to the top of the cave is probably equivalent to the big world to the stars. The height between!

This huge cave can no longer be called a cave, but a world.

At the top of the cave, there seem to be a myriad of tiny spots of light. The spot that is attached to the top of the cave is constantly alternating between light and brilliance. Therefore, the top of this huge cave is filled with radiant waves from time to time. .

It is these light spots that bring light to this huge cave. These rays are the sun in this cave!

Because the distance is too far away, Luo Zheng can’t see what the light spots are, but Luo Zheng speculates that it should be a kind of creature that is attached to the top of the cave, and such a long distance can emit such a radiance, this creature’s The head may not be small, maybe every seemingly small spot of light is about the same as a star.

Those light spots are not the destination of this Luo Zheng exploration.

This time, entering the forbidden land, it is necessary to upgrade at the fastest speed!

That Capricorn is a Taoist, only one step away from Jiafeng God. If he can achieve the true God, he is qualified to save the universe…

As for who is right and who is wrong, it is not important!

The location of Luo Zheng’s transmission was very desolate. It seemed to be on a flat Gobi, but there were countless gods on the bottom of the Gobi.

What surprised Luo Zheng is that these gods are so high that he is almost unheard of!

In Luo Zheng’s view, Qinglong taught his gods to be very powerful, but he swept away, but found that the gods recorded by Qinglong were less than one percent of these gods!

“The gods in the forbidden land are very developed,” Luo Zheng reached such a conclusion.

However, he did not entangle this, but quickly left the Gobi.

Before entering the forbidden land, the old patriarch once detailed the precautions in the forbidden land.

There are countless transfer points in the forbidden land, they may appear in any place, but no matter where they appear, the first time is to hide themselves.

The ruin of the forbidden land is a rather cruel world. At the same time, death cannot be reborn in it, so the first step is to survive if you want to accept trials.

Fortunately, this Gobi is very desolate. Under the fast flight of Luo Zhengfei, it took half an hour to completely pass through, and the face appeared in front of Luo Zheng, it was a gray forest, waiting for Luo Zheng to carefully It was discovered that the forest was actually made of stone.

Luo Zheng approached one of the trees and leaped gently. When he returned to the ground, he broke a branch in his hand.

No matter how carefully you look, from the bark, to the trunk, and then to the leaves covered with grain, it is a stone!

In fact, it is not a rare thing for trees to become stones. For example, fossils are often formed in the long river of time. This forest may have encountered some unexpected things before it turns into a stone.

However, Luo Zheng from this trunk, feeling the power of life slowly flowing, but he can be sure that these stone forests are still growing, they are born to be stones.

“In the forbidden land, anything that is counterintuitive can happen. Don’t be too surprised. In fact, every saint’s body is different in the world…”

This is one of the embarrassing words of the old man.

After Luo Zhengde detailed it, he placed the branch in the same place and quietly sneaked into the stone forest.

It’s just that Luo Zheng didn’t know that at the moment he entered the forest, there was a big monster in the forest that stared at him.

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Luo Zheng started out as the eldest son of a wealthy prominent family. After his family declined and lost all influence, the kidnapping of his sister by a terrifying force. Now others who couldn’t be his match trample on him. But how will he survive this without talent in martial arts, heavens gave him a chance.

An ancient book left to him by his father revealed a Divine Technique which gave it’s reader immense power. This divine technique gave Luo Zheng martial arts talent like non-other. Lou Zheng sets out on quest seeking power to save his sister. By the way, we also have a list of must-read martial arts manhwa do check it out.

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