This week’s Ayakashi Triangle chapter was a fun read for sure which showed us bit of but Yuri drama between the main duo, a shoto as Suzu’s brother and also revealed that Shirogane’s goals might not be that dangerous as we through earlier. The chapter began with a beautiful color page which you can check out below to celebrate the release of first volume coming out on October 2.

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 14 Color Spread
Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 14 Color Spread | Source: VIZ

With that being said today in this article we will talk about Ayakashi triangle chapter 15. We have covered every single detail that you need to know such as its release date, spoilers and the official sources through which you can read this chapter in English.

Drawn by the creator of Black Cat and Artist of To Love Ru, Ayakashi Triangle is Kentaro Yabaki’s latest work which first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump a month ago. The manga deals with exorcism and ninjas and comes with a heavy dose of fanservice and a huge surprise at the end.

Ayakashi triangle Chapter 15

Release date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Ayakashi Triangle was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #43. So, it seems like the twelfth chapter is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #44. Therefore Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 12 will release on October 4, 2020.

Also as per reports the raw scans and leaks will be out by Friday. Now let’s have a quick recap to previous chapter.

Ayakashi triangle Chapter 14 Recap

The chapter begins with Matsuri showing up at Suzu house where she finds Suzu’s brother Ritta who is playing with his soccer outside. Hearing Matsuri’s voice outside Suzu comes to take her to her room.

Finding out rhe girl ‘s name as Matsuri’s Ritta becomes a bit confused as he used to think that Matsuri was a boy and had black hairs but his attention quickly moves to her huge chest.

While entering Matsuri finds Suzu’s quite a bit girlish from before then they were kids and then the two starts talking about what Garuku said the other day of her being an Ayakashi medium.

Garuku explains how an Ayakashi medium is blessrd with an huge pool of Kon- the spiritual energy found in humans and Haku- the life energy which they are made. Having an abundant amount of Haku, Ayakashi medium in the past has helped various Ayakashis by lifting thier curses, jutsus and healing them. This puts them at the top making them their God.

While remembering the stuff Susu realises that her powers might also be able to break Matsuri’s reverse gender jutsu. She forcefully unbuttons Matsuri’s top and while touching her navel tries to tranfer her haku energy inside Matsuri. Matsuri does feels the energy going through her which she describes as “something hot flowut through her” but it doesn’t change a thing. She stills remains a girl and Suzu tears up a bit. At that moment Ritta enters the room and finds the girls in such erotic position he quickly runs away.

Possible Plot and Spoilers

A new saga will begin in the upcoming chapter while focusing on the relationship between the trio and we might be introduced to our first real evil villian for and we will enter our first long running arc.

Where to read Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 15 online?

All the latest and previous chapter are available on Viz Media and Mangaplus. Mangaplus also offers chapters in Espanol/Spanish. However due to content policies you can’t read the series on Shonen Jump’s mobile app.

Well that’s all for Today. We will keep you updated on any news related to Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 15. Meanwhile check out our new articles on anime similar to Gleipnir and Kaiju No. Chapter 8.