My Hero Academia has been on a roll lately with the latest arc in the manga is on full throttle and the fifth season of anime is just upon us. Taking place in a world of Super Heroes it is a series where villains run rampant and Heroes puts their life on the line to protect their loved ones civilians and with such premise deaths of our favorite characters are inevitable. In fact, we already have seen quite a few deaths including Sir Nighteye. And one such character whose death has everyone been worried about from the start of the series is Katsuki Bakugou.

Katsuki Bakugou is the deuteragonist in Boku no Hero Academia and the childhood friend of Deku. He has come a long way since his middle school days and rightfully has become fans most favorite character. However recently there have been rumors going on over the net that he is the one to next die in the manga. So how true are these rumors? Let’s find out:

But first let us answer the obvious question: Will Bakugou ever die in the series?

Well long answer short no he won’t. Bakugou is just too important character to just kill off. He is one of the biggest characters in the entire series and has even won lots of character popularity polls in Japan.

Moreover Just like Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki he is one of the frontrunners for the spot of the future Number 1 Hero and is extremely important for both story and Deku’s character progress. So the chances of him encountering death are very low.

The rumors which you might have heard were probably from the meme which was actually started as a joke by manga readers to play with anime only’s emotions.

It was purposely started by YouTube personality Lord Nuxanor who posted a video on his channel with the title “Bakugou’s Death Made Everyone Cry” where he jokingly said that the upcoming season of MHA will surprise everyone with the death of Bakugo who died will trying to kill U.A.’s traitor Kirishima.

Initially starting as a joke like many of internet tolls the joke went actually too far. Even manga panels were drawn to further spread this meme just to mess with anime only’s. However while researching about this particular ‘rumour’ I came accross many fans on social media who had many questions regarding Bakugo’s Death and here today i have tried to answer few of them.

Similar troll from Quora
Similar troll from Quora


Does Bakugou die in season 5?

The upcoming season 5 of My Hero Academia anime will premiere in April 2021 which will adapt the “Joint Training Arc” from the manga. In this arc students from class 1-A and 1-B competes against each other in battle and Hitoshi Shinso who is also eager to join the Hero course also joins them.

Class 1-B Team Yosetsu Awase, Setsuna Tokage, Kojiro Bondo, Togaru Kamakiri Vs Class 1-A Team Katsuki Bakugou Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, Rikido Sato
Class 1-B Team Yosetsu Awase, Setsuna Tokage, Kojiro Bondo, Togaru Kamakiri Vs Class 1-A Team Katsuki Bakugou Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, Rikido Sato

In the fourth round of the battle Katsuki Bakugou along with Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, and Rikido Sato faces off against Yosetsu Awase, Setsuna Tokage, Kojiro Bondo, and Togaru Kamakiri of Class 1-B and finishes them off in just 5 minutes and wins the round. So this confirms that Bakugou won’t die in season 5.

Class 1-A Team after winning the Round 4
Class 1-A Team after winning the Round 4

Does Bakugou die in Heroes Rising movie?

During the battle against Nine Deku gives Bakugou the power of One for All, and once they defeated the villain, they both get knocked out. Later it is discovered that the predecessors of One for all miraculously transferred the quirk back to midoriya, so Bakugou no longer has it. Bakugou soon wakes healthy and alive with minimal injured. So no Bakugou doesn’t die here either.

And first of all Bakugou was never supposed to die in the movie. Similar to the previous movie, Heroes Rising is also an orginal work created by the team at Studio Bones under the supervision of author. Despite being called canon it loosely fits in the story and has no impact on characters or so whatever.

Does Bakugou die in manga chapter 285?

Bakugo getting pierced by Tomura's wires
Bakugo getting pierced by Tomura’s wires | Source VIZ

No, Bakugou doesn’t die in chapter 285 either. Horikoshi really had us worried there but gladly our boy survived. During the battle with Shigaraki, he attacks Deku by firing his wires towards him. In that moment, completely parallel to what happened back in middle school, Katsuki, without even thinking, pushes Deku out of the way and received the full force of the attack with multiple wires peircing through him. But Katsuki survives Tomura’s attack and is saved by Shoto, who’s also holding Endeavor thanks to the power of plot armour.

Will Katsuki Bakugou will die in the future of Manga?

This again brings up the question which I answered in rhe begining. Will Bakugou ever die in the whole series? Ultimately I think it’s too early for us to predict what Horikoshi have in mind about this character and there and multiple theories on net of which some suggests that he will live through the end and some suggests that he will die. But I am pretty sure that no one from class 1-A will die until they graduate from U.A. becomes full-fledged Heroes.

And if even Bakugou will ever have close quarters with death then I think he he most likely will leave us while trying to redeem himself. Throughout the pop culture we have seen multiple characters who first starts as bad, evil or villainous character but goes through a drastic change and tries to redeem themselves by sacrificing themselves in order to protect the hero or someone else. Some of most notable examples are Loki from MCU, Itachi from Naruto, Gin from Bleach, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and Severus Snape from Harry Potter novels. This trope is particularly called as Redemption equals death.

Itachi before dying infront of Sasuke
Itachi before dying infront of Sasuke

But still I am only half way convince that this will ever happen to him because Bakugo already has gone through some tragic events and he already have redeemed himself when the tried to save Midoriya in the latest manga chapter. But we’ll never know until the series is completed so let us just chill and enjoy this beautiful manga.