Black clover chapter 255 has came out and now the readers are eagerly waiting for the next chapter which is 256th chapter. So in this article we will talk about Black Clover chapter 256. We have covered every single detail that you need to know about it such as its release date, spoilers and the official sources through which you can the read the black Clover manga in your country.

Written by Yuki Tabata, Black Clover is a battle-action shonen manga. The story is currently in its second big arc which fans prefers to call “Spade Invasion Arc” where Clover kingdom and Heart Kingdom has made an alliance to fight against the dark traid members of spade kingdom and protect the world from the terror of demons inhabited inside Dante, Vanica and Zenos.

Black clover Chapter 256

Release date

As a matter of fact black Clover is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, one of the oldest and most popular manga publishing magazine. A new issue comes out on weekly basis on Sunday and last issue #30 was published on June 28. Therefore from the above observation it can be concluded that black Clover chapter 256 release date is  July 5, 2020. Raw scans and spoilers will be out by Friday. Now before moving ahead let’s have a quick recap to previous chapter.

Black clover chapter 255 Recap

In the last chapter, Noelle tries to struck an attack on Vanica while avoiding any possible damage, however she fails to do any damage. Just when Vanica feels confident that she has won, Noelle launches her “Dragon Roar” at point blank range but Vanica counter-attacks with “red beast” to cancel the damage. She is out of mana after that attack, and seeing her in a totally beatdown state Vanica is reminded of a battle from her past. She asks Noelle her name to which she replies with rage and anger. After hearing her name, Vanica decides to capture Lolopechka instead of killing her to which Megicula questions about her intentions. Vanica replies that she once fought a lady like Noelle who became insanely powerful after she kidnapped a kid. Thus she is kidnapping Lolopechka so Noelle will come chasing her down to Spade kingdom.

Black clover chapter 256
Yami attacking Dante in chapter 255

Before departing back to spade, Vanica activates “Curse Warding Spell: Exploding Life” which her immortal disciples blow up like a big explosion. In the next panel we see heart kingdom with huge explosions all over it. After it the focus moves back to Black bulls headquarter where Yami and Dante are facing off.  Yami slashes through Dante’s chest but somehow he still is able to recover from it. After all this little squabble Dante decides to show the true extent of his demon powers to which Yami replies that he will show him what a regular old human is capable of. Well one should not underestimate Yami who has finished all of his shonen arcs and knows when to surpass his limits.

Black clover Chapter 256 Discussion

In the coming black Clover manga chapter 256 Dante the leader of Dark traid will reveal to us thr the ultimate power of a demon host. To his response, Yami might be able to come up with a new power or move. It will be interesting to see how the battle between the two will come to and end. On Thursday, Black Clover 256 spoilers and leaks has came out as we expected. Have a look:

Also twitter user @SpyTrue, a credible source of manga and anime leaks, has shared some images from the chapter.

Where to read Black Clover chapter 256 online?

You can read of latest and previous black Clover chapters through through Viz Media or MangaPlus, or else you can download Viz Media’s official Shonen Jump app on your Android and IOS device. Mangaplus also offers chapters in Espanol/Spanish.

For mow Viz Media offers first three and latest chapters for free but you can buy their shonen jump subscription which costs only about $1.99 a month and offers more than 10,000 manga chapters from popular titles such as My hero academia, One Punch man and much more.

That’s all for today. We will update you any news related to Black clover chapter 256 as soon it will released. For more information head over to black Clover Reddit. Meanwhile also read our articles on Ayakashi triangle chapter 4 and Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 8.