Hey there! In this manga guide we will discuss about Black Clover Chapter 261 in which we will talk about its release date, possible plot points and official sources through which you can read the chapter. Moreover we will talk about the raw scans and Spoilers regarding Black clover 260.

Black Clover is a popular battle action manga written by Yuki Tabata. The series is currently in its second major fans which fans loves to fall “Spade Kingdom Arc” where Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights together with the reinforcements from Heart Kingdom are working together to stop Dark Triad, an evil organization who are ruling the spade kingdom from.

After the spectacular showdown between Dante and Yami and sudden appearance of Zenon in chapter 260, Black clover manga fans are pretty excited that find out what will happen in chapter 261. However due to certain reasons the new chapter has been delayed. Due to which Black clover 261 will not come out this week. But why? Let’s find out.

Why Black Clover is on break this week?

Due to a planned holiday at Shueisha’s office at Weekly Shonen Jump, all the manga titles published in the magazine are in two weeks break which also includes Black clover, Ayakashi Triangle, Time Paradox Ghostwriter.

The official twitter account of ShonenJump has released a statement regarding it.

Black clover chapter 261 Release Date, Time and Countdown

Black Clover chapter 260 Release Date

As a matter of fact, Black Clover is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, which is biggest manga publishing company in Japan. It follows a very strict schedule in which a new chapter is published on weekly basis on Sunday. The last chapter of Black Clover was released in issue #37 on August 10. Following the same schedule the next Black Clover Chapter would have came out on August 16 but due to delay Black Clover chapter 261 will now release on August 23, 2020.

Assuming you are not residing in Japan right now, here are the release timings of the manga chapter of different timezones around the world:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM on August 23
  • Central Time: 10 AM on August 23
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM on August 23
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM on August 23
  • Germany (Berlin) Time: 5 PM on August 23
  • India standard Time: 8: 30 PM on August 23
  • Australia (Central) Time: 12: 30 AM on August 23

Here is the live countdown which will help you know the time left before next chapter arrives:

Black Clover 261 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Black Clover chapter 260 Raw Status: Released


First thing first. Congrats on 100k! We going to surpass our limits as we grow!
Now then on to the leaks/spoilers!

Color Page!

Asta is crying due to being weak and not being able to help Yami.


Yami is alive! And it seems that the VC is also a devil host.

In general the leaks were straight to the point.

-Asta considers himself weak for not being strong enough to save Yami.

-The Vice Captain is going to train Asta to control his Devil.

-The Vice Captain is called Nahat(rough translation) and his Devil is called Satan (rough translation/multiple people saying the same on Twitter).

The raw scans and spoilers of Black Clover manga usually starts surfacing the net 2 or 3 days prior to official release on Thursday, 20th August.

We are still keeping an eye out and will post the spoilers if they are available. Keep checking out our site for more updates. 

Now let’s have quick recap of previous chapter.

Black Clover chapter 260 Quick Recap

The chapter begins with Yami praising Asta for defeating Dante. Meanwhile Gauche also has regained consciousness and Grey immediately hugs him. While the Black bulls members were celebrating their victory over Dante, Zenon suddenly appears out of nowhere and takes captures Yami captivethrough his Bones Magic. Yami struggles to get rid of him but due to his last with fight with Dante he was lost a considerable amount of stamina and mana.

Black Clover 260 raw
Yami while being Kidnapped by Zenon | Source: Viz Media

The Black bulls members starts attacking Zenon starting with Gauche with his mirror magic and then Vanesa using red thread of fate but both failed miserably. Zenon looks at Asta and realises something odd and immediately launches an attack towards him. However Fineral manages to evade the attack on Asta by using his spatial magic. Asta once again asks Devil to lend him his power but he the devil refuses it by saying that it is his fault he failed to protect his captain. And with this right before their eyes Yami is taken.

Black Clover chapter 261 Discussion, Speculations and Predictions

  • Now that Dark Traid has taken hold of both dark magic and world there magic, they can move forward with their plan to activate the tree of Qliphoth and connect the human world with Underworld and fill it with devils.
  • However as their leader Dante is out of commission, the plan will be put on hold for a while.
  • Taking the advantage of this various magic knights from Heart Kingdom and Clover Kingdom will regroup once again and will prepare to launch an attack on Spade Kingdom.
  • Also we are yet the see many of our favourites characters in action such Fuegoleon, Mereoleona, Nozel, Charlotte who might also join the recovery force.
  • Who knows we might also be introduced to some new character such the shadow magic user which was shown in few chapters back who is currently spying on spade kingdom.
  • Or some old friends who will come to thier aid such Mars from diamond kingdom or Kaito from water see temple.

Where to read Black Clover chapter 260 online?

All latest and previous Black Clover chapters can be read through Viz Media or MangaPlus, or else you can also download the Viz Media’s official Shonen Jump app on your Android and IOS device. Mangaplus also offers their chapters in Espanol/Spanish.

For now Viz Media only offers first three and latest three chapters for free but you can buy their shonen jump subscription which only costs about $1.99 a month and offers more than 10,000 manga chapters from popular titles such as My hero academia, One Punch man and much more.