Black Clover chapter 264: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

Black Clover chapter 264: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

Hey there! In this manga guide we will discuss about Black Clover Chapter 264 where we will talk about its release date, possible plot points and official sources through which you can read the chapter. Moreover you will talk about the raw scans and Spoilers regarding Black clover 264.

Black Clover is a popular battle action manga written by Yuki Tabata. The series is currently in its second major fans which fans loves to fall “Spade Kingdom Arc” where Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights together with the reinforcement from Heart Kingdom are working together to stop Dark Triad, a evil organization who are ruling the spade kingdom from.

The first phase of the battle has came to an end where both sides have incurred heavy loss. Heart Kingdom have lost their powerful spirit guardians, meanwhile on clover kingdom side, half of golden dawn members have died and Yami ans Vangeance have been kidnapped. Now its Asta and Yuno’s turn to rescue their captains.

Black clover chapter 264 Release Date, Time and Countdown

As a matter of fact, Black Clover is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, Japan’s biggest publishing company. It follows a very strict schedule where new chapters are published on weekly basis on Sunday. The last chapter of Black Clover was released in issue #40 on September 6th. Following the same schedule the Black Clover chapter 264 will release on September 13, 2020 at 12:00 am JST.

Assuming you are not residing in Japan right now, here are the release timings of english translations in different timezones around the world:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM on September 13
  • Central Time: 10 AM on September 13
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM on September 13
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM on September 13
  • Germany (Berlin) Time: 5 PM on September 13
  • India standard Time: 8: 30 PM on September 13
  • Australia (Central) Time: 12: 30 AM on September 13

Here is the live countdown which will help you know the time left before next chapter:

Black Clover 264 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Black Clover chapter 264 Raw Status: Released

The raw scans and Spoilers of Chapter 264 has finally been leaked. Have a look:

  • Bell and Yuno are still angry
  • Nacht says he can bring only a limited amount of people to Spade. Jack says only the captains should go with Yuno proclaiming that he should go too.
  • Yuno is telling everyone that William was fighting AND protect everyone against a 50% Zenon.
  • Bell is storing up Magic to defeat Zenon. Proclaims that Yuno will never lose again.
  • Yuno wants to beat Zenon and proclaims that Golden Dawn is the best squad in Clover to Nacht.
  • Nacht will bring along Yuno to the Spade kingdom as part of the Special Asta Squad.
  • Nacht also questions Yuno about Ralph. (Yuno might be revealed as a Spade royalty here but I’m not sure)
  • Elves come back in the end of chapter as they wake up a defeated Noelle.

Now let’s have quick recap of previous chapter.

Black Clover chapter 263 Quick Recap

The chapter begins with black Bulls Vice-captain appearing out of nowhere in the captains conference along with Asta. Other magic Knights gets alerted and prepares to attack him. However at the same moment various demons appears hold down them. Julius explains to them that Nacht is indeed the vice-captain of Black bulls who has been acting as a spy in spade kingdom. However even Julius is surprised to find out that he is a devil host. At that moment Jack remembers that he has the man standing next to Yami from the days of his magic knight. Jack tries to ask him about his magic but Nacht interrupts him and tells that man is now gone.

Yami and other captains
Yami and other magic squad captains

Nacht then begins to tell them about what he knows about dark Traid’s plan and what will happen to Yami and Vangeance. He explains to them seven days after the advent of Qliphoth will begin a space will open with seven different levels and each level is filled with ten different devils. The upper level devils are equal of dark traid members and lower are even more powerful. And what lies at the end is Lucifero, the strongest of all. Also being the catalyst of the process, Yami ans Vangeance will die but will stay alive till all all gates fully opens.

Nachts also comments that he hates Dark Traid leaders from the bottom of his heart. The type who are evil just for fun. He detests them and will never forgive them.

Black Clover chapter 264: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online
Yami and Charlotte

At the end he announces that he will create a elite force with Asta in the center and will strike the spade kingdom.

Black Clover chapter 264 Discussion, Speculations and Predictions

  • The chapter will begin Nacht taking Asta to the specific place which he mentioned in chapter 252 where he will train him to use his devil powers.
  • Asta will try to console Yuno who has fallen to the hands of despair after his battle with the Dark Triad members.
  • Black Bulls members who were fighting at heart Kingdom will return back to their home only to be surprise and shocked.
  • The elite force members will be setup. There is chance Licht and the rest along with Rades and Sally will also join them in their upcoming battle against Spade Kingdom.
  • Considering the fact clover kingdom is about to strike Spade Kingdom together with Heart Kingdom, there is a fair chance that diamond kingdom mages such as Marx, Fana and Ladros will also join them in their quest.

Where to read Black Clover chapter 264 online?

All latest and previous Black Clover chapters can be read through Viz Media or MangaPlus, or else you can also download the Viz Media’s official Shonen Jump app on your Android and IOS device. Mangaplus also offers their chapters in Espanol/Spanish.

For now Viz Media only offers first three and latest three chapters for free but you can buy their shonen jump subscription which only costs about $1.99 a month and offers more than 10,000 manga chapters from popular titles such as My hero academia, One Punch man and much more.

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