Black Clover manga Chapter 275 will be out very soon and fans are excited to see how things will unfold from here on. The clover magic knights have started thier attack on Spade Kingdom castle and our queen Mereoleona also have returned with a new hairstyle. The resistance faction also have begin to make a move. Mereoleona is leading the resistance force but they first before joining with others they have to face off against huge demon. On the other hand Asta and Noelle are still training in order to perfect thier new magic abilities which will play an important role in the upcoming war.

With all that being said, today in this manga guide, we will discuss about Black Clover chapter 275 where we have included every single important thing that you need to know about the upcoming chapter such as its release date, possible plot points and the official sources through which you can read the latest chapter legally and for free in your country.

Besides that we will also talk about the leaked Black Clover 275 raw scans and spoilers. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

Black Clover chapter 275
Asta | Black Clover

Black clover chapter 275 Release Date, Timing and Countdown

As for the record, Black Clover is published under Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the oldest and highest selling manga publishing magazine in Japan.

It follows a very strict schedule where a new chapter is comes out on every week Sunday. The last chapter of Black Clover was published in issue WSJ #52. The Black Clover chapter 275 will release on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 12:00 am (JST) in issue #53.

Now as for our international audience the official english translations for the latest chapter will be released on  following date and time in your region:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM on December 13
  • Central Time: 10 AM on December 13
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM on December 13
  • British Summer Time: 4 PM on December 13
  • Germany (Berlin) Time: 5 PM on December 13
  • India Standard Time: 8: 30 PM on December 13
  • Australia Central Time: 12: 30 AM on December 14

We also have added this live countdown which will help you know the exact time left before the next chapter comes out:

Black Clover 275 Raw Scans, Leaks and Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 275 Raw Status: Available now

The Raw scans and spoilers for Black Clover chapter 275 have finally been leaked on internet. We have shared some of them below. Have a look and enjoy.

  • Chapter title: Personification of Hellfire.
  • 17 pages again.
  • Chapter opens up with Nacht possibly explaining how the ritual works and how to stop it.
  • Demon takes a hit but doesn’t go down.
  • Seems before the invasion Nacht went to Mereoleona personally to recruit her.
  • Mereoleona activates her new spell/form.
  • Demon VS Mereoleona!!
  • Mereoleona is charging at the demon.
  • Invasion team run into the Dark Triad.
  • Vanica VS Charlotte & Rill!
  • Zenon VS Yuno and Langris!
  • Dante VS Jack and Sekke or Nacht(Unconfirmed)!
  • Chapter ends with those matchups reveals.

Remember take these with caution and wait for Officials before jumping to big conclusions!

We will keep an eye out for them and upload the spoilers to our article as soon as they are available. Meanwhile for latest updates and information check out its official subreddit at r/BlackClover.

Now before moving ahead let us have a quick recap of previous chapter.

Black Clover chapter 274 Quick Recap

The chapter begins with Nacht arriving at the meeting locations. He apologies for being late and informs everyone that Asta will need some more time and will join them later in the fight. Sally is a little bit disappointing hearing that but is also excited to test out the new magical items she has created. Nozel looks at Sally and the magic-camouflaging robes and wonders if she made them right. Maxa praises Sally’s work and tells Nozel that there is nothing to worry about. At the same moment Sekke is wondering why he is in the team with such unbelievably powerful mages.

Jack starts looking at him menacingly and tells him that he better get serious or else he will kill him. Nacht puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him that they already know he barely has any magic so it would better to just sacrifice himself for the people of his country. Nozel asks Nacht whether or not he is sure that Asta will make it in time. Nacht assures that he will definitely show up. Yuno interferes them and tells them he alone will finish the battle before he will arrive. Jack says that he will be the one to end the battle. Nozel also butts in thier conversation and says that it will be all of them who will defeat the dark triad. Nacht uses his Shadow magic to open up teleportation portal which directly leads to the castle in the spade Kingdom.

Mereoleona Black Clover chapter 274
Mereoleona attacks the demon | Coloring by @AlsoKisan, Source VIZ

Meanwhile at the same time, the resistance force shows up infront of castle to revolt against the actions of Dark Triad.  Nacht tell them that he has been in talks with resistence faction since his days as a spy in the spade kingdom. He is the one who called them to create a diversion for the magic knights inside the castle to move freely. However suddenly a huge demon appears from below the castle. Zenon is the one unleashed the demon says that they are not the citizens of spade kingdom, only the strong ones deserves that title. The demon figure to move towards them when Mereoleona suddenly smashes a solid-hard punch on demon’s faxe. Everyone is surprised to see the unbelievable strength of her’s.  

Black Clover Ch. 275 Discussion, Predictions & Discussion

  • The Enemy Appears: Black Clover chapter 275 will see Clover magic knights penetrating deeper in the Spade Kingdom where they will encounter thier first enemy. One or two of magic will stay behind to fight against the enemy and rest of them will continue thier way into the castle.
  • The Huge Demon: meanwhile on the outside Mereoleona will clash against the giant demon which appeared from the ground. He resembles a lot to the demon which Licht after he fell into complete despair. There has been a theory going on that the giant demon is actually Yuno’s father and the original ruler of Spade kingdom who turned into a demon when the dark traids first attacked them 17 years ago or due to experiments conducted by diamond kingdom scientists.
  • Noelle’s Appearance: The upcoming chapter will center around Noelle and other magic knights including Charmy, Leopold and others who are trying to learn Elven Ultimate Magic with the help of Licht and other eye of midnight members. The chapter will help us understand the how ultimate magic is different from the magic used by the current generation of magic knights and how it will boost thier fire power.

Where to read online?

All latest and previous Black Clover chapters can be read through Viz Media or MangaPlus, or else you can also download the Viz Media’s official Shonen Jump app on your Android and IOS device. Mangaplus also offers their chapters in Espanol/Spanish.

For now Viz Media only offers first three and latest three chapters for free but you can buy their shonen jump subscription which only costs about $1.99 a month and offers more than 10,000 manga chapters from popular titles such as My hero academia, One Punch man and much more.

We insist you read the chapter through official sources instead of illegal and unofficial sites if you truly wish to support Yuki Tabata and his team for thier continuous hardwork even in these hard times.

About Black Clover

Written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata, Black Clover is a battle-action shonen manga which follows the chronicles of Asta and Yuno, two boys who wishes to become Wizard King.

After the battle with Eleves in “Elf Saga” arc, the series is currently heading towards its second big arc which fans loves to call “Spade Kingdom Arc” where after forming an alliance with Heart Kingdom, Magic Knights begins training for thier upcoming war against the members of Dark Triads residing in Spade Kingdom who are trying to open the gates of underworld to unleash the terror of Devils in human realm. They already have kidnapped captain Vangeance and Yami who are cornerstones of thier plan and now it’s Asta and his friends duty to bring them back and protect the world from demons.