Black Clover recently released its 136th episode and fans are excited to find out what will happen in the upcoming episode. So in this article I will discuss about Black clover episode 137 and talk about its release date, preview, english dub and legal ways to watch the episode in your country.

Based on the battle-action manga written by Yuki Tabata in Weekly Shonen Jump, Black Clover is currently one the most popular anime airing right now. The show is currently heading towards its first major filler arc which is quite common with a long-running anime shows such as One Piece and Naruto. The filler arc is named “6 Months Training Arc” where Asta and other Magic Knights are training hard to fight against the uprising devil forces in Spade Kingdom. The upcoming episode 137 is also part of same arc which is being produced under the supervision of original author. So without any further ado, let’s have a look at upcoming episode but first let’s talk about its airing date.

Black Clover Episode 137 Release Date and Time

Black clover anime begin broadcasting in first week of October 2017 and since then it has been releasing a new episode evey tuesday. Following the same schedule, Black Clover Episode 137 is scheduled to premiere on August August 4, 2020 at 5:25 pm (JST).

The episode will first air on TV Tokyo in Japan and then will arrive on below mentioned streaming services.

Black Clover Episode 137 Preview and Spoilers

The upcoming Episode is titled “Charmy’s Century of Hunger, Gordon’s Millennium of Loneliness” and it is speculated that it will focus on bluck bulls members Charmy and Gordon as they try to overcome their weakness to prepare for upcoming war.

Where to Watch?

All the latest and previous Black clover episodes are available on CrunchyrollVRV and Funimation in original japanese dub with english subtitles.

Meanwhile if you wish to watch the episode in English dub then you can stream it through Funimation or else wait for Adult Swim to air it.

We will keep you updated on any news related to Black clover Episode 137. By the way, you can also check out our blog on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 9.