Boruto Episode 181, 182, 183, 184, 185 Titles, Release Date, Spoilers Revealed

Boruto Episode 181, 182, 183, 184, 185 Titles, Release Date, Spoilers Revealed
Boruto - Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime has been on a roll as the series has finally started adapting the canon material from the manga. Recently the Twitter user @OrganicDinosour, a v,ntinue to adapt more manga chapters in the upcoming next episodes.

The Ao arc aka the Vessel arc will begin this week and fans are very thrilled to see the faces behind the enemy forces and what power they hold.

Now let us a take a look at Boruto Episode 181-185 titles along with thier release dates and some spoilers.

Boruto Episode 181 “The Vessel”, Release Date: January 10, 2021

Due to the holiday season in Japan, episode 181 was delayed and will be released on January 10 instead of the original air date of 3rd January.

Synopsis/ Summary: Having lost contact with the airship while it was in the midst of transporting “The Vessel” – which was something that was essential to attaining the dearest wishes of the members of ‘Kara’ – the `Inner’ members of ‘Kara’ – who also serve as the key members of the organization – have hastily set-up a meeting.

With his scheme ultimately failing – and as the person responsible for transporting “The Vessel” – Victor was investigated regarding his involvement in the incident. Despite Victor making excuses for himself, the leader – Jigen – flatly rejected his explanations. Now that their plans have changed, ‘Kara’ will finally be embarking upon a full-scale operation!

Meanwhile in Konohagakure Village, they’ve proceeded to launch an investigation into the mysterious crash as well. In order to have a test-run of a particular ‘Item’, the Nanadaime Hokage – Naruto – and his son – Boruto – begin engaging in a shinobi sparring match in front of an audience. Since he wants to assess and show-off his personal growth and development, Boruto wants to earnestly win the battle against his father, but then…!?

Boruto Episode 182 “Ao”, Release Date: January 17, 2021

The Boruto Episode 182 is titled “Ao” and will show us more about Ao and his goals for returning.

Boruto episode 182

Synopsis/ Summary: Konohamaru investigates a compartment in the crashed blimp, and copies data from it. Konohamaru’s partner is attacked, and urges him to run away. Sasuke further explains to Boruto that there are Ōtsutsuki-calibre foes operating in the shadows.

Mitsuki asks if it’s related to Boruto’s seal. Naruto says Sasuke has filled him in on what they know about the seal, and the existence of an organisation related to them. Boruto ponders on the implications. Naruto explains that this is the reason why they’re working on scientific ninja tools. Katasuke arrives, mentioning that the absorption functionality is useful for reducing collateral damage.

Boruto is still angry at Katasuke for his deception at the Chūnin Exams. Naruto says the technology is a power that supports the Hokage, much like Sasuke, who Boruto admires, and once again stresses the way the technology is used matters.

Boruto Episode 183: “Hands”, Release Date: January 24, 2021

Boruto episode  183

Episode 183 will another cannon episode adapting the 18th chapter from the manga. Here is a brief summary of the episode:

Synopsis/ Summary: Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki and Katasuke arrive at the research institute. There, they meet with Sumire Kakei from their Academy days, who is part of the research team.

Akita Inuzuka, another research team member, arrives to collect the prosthetic hand from Katasuke, and gushes about it as Katasuke fills her in on information about it. Boruto thinks the mission is done, but Sumire and his teammates tell him there’s more to their mission.

Boruto was unaware they’d help test the scientific ninja tools because he stormed off the Hokage’s office before hearing all about the mission. They first have Boruto and Mitsuki fight against Sarada, who employs a prototype light and smoke bomb that overwhelms them with light and 

Boruto Episode 184 “Puppets”, Release Date: January 31, 2021

Boruto episode 184

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 184 titled “Puppets” will air on 31st January. It will be another cannon episode adapting chapter 19.

Synopsis/ Summary: As they leave the research institute, Akita provides Boruto with scientific ninja weapon manuals, her contact information, and asks if he has enough healing foam. Boruto tells her he has enough, as more would hinder his movement.

She apologises for her caution, attributing it to Katasuke and Chamaru going with them. Boruto thought Katasuke was staying, but he arrives clad in a prototype mechanical suit, originally designed rehabilitative care, but modified for combat, wishing to test it. Boruto isn’t enthusiastic about it. Sarada checks if she has all packets.

Sumire notices Akita has taken a liking to Boruto, and asks Sarada if Boruto is popular with girls. Sarada thinks Boruto just makes friends easily.Sumire asks if Sarada is interested in Boruto. Sarada denies it, and Sumire reveals she is. 

Boruto Episode 185 “TBA”, Release Date: February 7, 2021

Boruto episode 185

The official title got Episode 185 haven’t been revealed yet but it has been confirmed that it will adapt Chapter 20.

Synopsis/ Summary: Konohamaru tries convincing Ao not to fight them. Ao ignores him, and Konohamaru tells everyone to seek protection behind the cave’s rocks as Ao opens fire. Sarada recognises the attack as the same Fire Release bullets the autonomous puppets used.

Katasuke engages Ao despite his warning of having no mercy, even for him. Katasuke absorbs Ao’s attacks with his suit, allowing Konohamaru to destroy Ao’s weapon with a Rasengan, and asks Ao about the blimp’s cargo. When Ao doesn’t answer, Konohamaru asks about Kara instead.

Ao lands a hit on Konohamaru’s face with shots from the hidden prosthetics on his body, and notes the situation to be more complex than anticipated. He charges at Katasuke, and claims one of his suit’s gloves, using them to absorb Boruto’s Rasengan, and kicking him aside.

Where to Watch Online?

You can watch the latest and all previous episodes of Boruto on CrunchyrollVRVVIZ in its original Japanese dub with embedded English subtitles. Meanwhile you can watch the English dub through Funimation and Animelab but they are currently way behind the schedule, so it will take quite some time for these episodes to get dubbed.

Boruto Community thanks @OrganicDinosaur for taking his time and money for translating all this.

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