Burn The Witch Chapter 2: Release Date, Raw, Spoilers, Read Online

Burn The Witch Chapter 2: Release Date, Raw, Spoilers, Read Online

Tite Kubo is back to Jump with his new series Burn The Witch and fans really loved the first chapter which came out on last Sunday. The series first appeared as an one-shot in 2018 and on March 18, 2020 during the Bleach 20th Anniversary event it was greenlit for a full serialization. The series will run only for four chapters and each chapter will consist of 30-50 pages.

The chapter followed Noel Niihashi and Nini Spangle, who work as witches at the Wing Bird headquarters in Reverse London’s Natural Dragon Management Agency.

Fans are now excited to find out what will happen in the 2nd chapter. So in this post I will talk about Burn the Witch Chapter 2 and discuss about its release date, raw and the official sources through which you can read the latest manga chapter.

Burn The Witch Chapter 2 Release Date

Burn the Witch Chapter 2 Updates

As of record Burn The Witch is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine which has very strict release schedule. A new issue comes out on weekly basis on Sundays. The last chapter was published in issue #38. Therefore the next will be published in issues #39. Thus Burn the witch chapter 2 will come out on August 30, 2020.

Burn the Witch 2 Raw scans and Spoilers

Status: Not Released Yet

The raws and spoilers of second chapter still hasn’t came out yet. The raw scans usually starts appearing 2-3 days prior to official release thus on Friday. However note that these raw scans are illegally uploaded by scanners. These people are usually workers at bookstores or publishing company who gets hold of new issues before official release as they are to be sent in advance to bookstores so they can put them on display. It is advised not to support such scanners and read the source through Official sources to support the creators.

Where to Read it online?

The Burn The Witch chapter 1 will be available on VIZ or you can also use Shueisha’s Mangaplus service. Or else you download the ShonenJump and Mangaplus app on your Android and iOS devices.

Burn the Witch also have an anime film in development by Studio Colorido (Pokemon: Twilight Wings) which will premiere in October 2020.

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