Winter 2021 season has officially begun and it is filled with a multitude of good looking anime such as the So I’m A Spider So What?Attack On Titan, The Promised Neverland, and many more. Cells at Work: Code Black is one such anime that is coming out in winter 2021.

Cells At Work: Code Black (also known as Hataraku Saibo Black in Japanese) is a spinoff manga based on Cells at Work manga written by Akane Shimizu. Similar to the original, the series is set in a world of anthropomorphic cells working in a body. It follows the life of a rookie Red Blood Cell, AA2153, and a White Blood Cell (Neutrophil), U-1196, as they work in a poorly maintained, middle-aged body burdened by issues such as stress, smoking, drinking and the like, causing complications in the cells’ work and living environment.

Episode 1 is scheduled to release on January 8, 2021, and it will run for a total of 13 episodes. This season a lot of new and sequel anime is coming out and it will be hard to keep track of the release dates of each one of them. That’s why we have created release schedules for Cells at Work: Code Black as well as much other anime series airing this season.

Cells At Work: Code Black Episode Release Schedule

Episode No.Release Date
Episode 1January 9, 2021
Episode 2January 16, 2021
Episode 3January 16, 2021
Episode 4January 23, 2021
Episode 5January 30, 2021
Episode 6February 6, 2021
Episode 7February 13, 2021
Episode 8February 20, 2021
Episode 9February 27, 2021
Episode 10March 6, 2021
Episode 11March 13, 2021
Episode 12March 20, 2021
Episode 13March 27, 2021

Where to watch Cells at Work: Code Black anime?

Viewers in the USA and Canada can watch the show on Funimation in its original Japanese dub with embedded English dub. Meanwhile, fans in Australia and New Zealand can stream it on Animelab. It is also available on Wakanim in France, Denmark, and Russia. It is currently not available on Netflix though, but we are hoping they will license the show once it will finish Broadcasting.

Moreover, we insist that you support official sources and avoid piracy websites as it harms the creators. But, if the anime is not officially available in your country, many unofficial websites will be streaming the anime.

How Many Episodes Will It Have?

It has been announced that “Cells at Work: Code Black” anime will have a total of 13 episodes which will run from January 9, 2021, to March 27, 2021.

Staff Details Of The Anime

Cells at Work! Code Black anime production is helmed by Studio Liden Films with Hideyo Yamamoto directing it. Hayashi Mori is providing scripts and composition for the series. Meanwhile, Eiji Abiko is credited with character designs and Yugo Kanno with Music composition.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Be Coming Out?

There is no confirm news about the English dub version of the Cells At Work: Code Black. However, we should take into account that Funimation is streaming the anime and Funimation is popular for their English dub anime. Moreover, nowadays most of the popular anime series get an English dub so the possibility is very high.

About Cells At Work: Code Black (Hataraku Saibo Black)

Cells at Work! Code Black (Hataraku Saibo Black) is a Japanese seinen manga written by Shigemitsu Harada and drawn by Issei Hatsuyoshi under the supervision of Akane Shimizu. It is published in Kodansha’s Morning Magazine since June 2018. Kodansha USA is publishing the English release.

A rookie Red Blood Cell has been bustling about, frantically making oxygen deliveries all around the body! But it turns out that his workplace is on the brink of going, Code Black!!

Drinking, smoking, stress, sleep deprivation… Struggling to survive life, not unlike the brutal corporate world, what must these overworked cells be thinking at the end of the day. This is a tale about the inside of your body.


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