Episode 1 of ‘Deca-Dence’ just premiered and I must say that the episode had much more to offer the I expected and everyone who has watched the first episode is waiting for the next one. So in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Dece Dence Episode 2 like release date, where to watch, preview, and where you can watch Deca-Dence anime.

Deca-Dence is without a doubt one of the most anticipated anime of 2020 and a series from the creators of popular anime like ‘Mob Psycho 100 and ‘Death Paraded’. If we take a look at the first episode, it had a lot going for it in terms of animation and how they presented the episode. Moreover from the first episode, it looks like there might even be some conspiracy going on behind the scenes we might get to more about it in the future.

As Kaburagi knocks down the Gadolls with his abilities, Natsume feels at a loss as she finds herself in the battlefield for the first time in her life. Meanwhile, the true nature of the world is revealed to the viewers…

Deca Dence Episode 2 Release Date

The second episode of ‘Deca-Dence’ is set to release on July 15, 2020. Moreover, the first season of the anime will have a total of 12 episodes. You will get to see new episodes every Wednesday for the next 3 months.

Where Can I Watch Deca Dence Episode 2?

Funimation is officially streaming the anime, you can watch it there. Moreover, there are many unofficial websites available as well you can easily find them on Google. However, we insist that you use official sources to watch the anime, boycott piracy websites, and support the hard-working creators.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Come Out?

There is no official news about the English dub version of ‘Deca Dence’. However, as the anime is being streamed by Funimation that’s why sooner or later there will be an English dub version of the anime.

Episode 1 Quick Recap

The episode starts with a girl named Natsume who hid in his father’s car and got out of the mobile fortress and suddenly there was a Gadoll attack. While retreating Natume got injured and lost her arm and her father died fighting the Gadoll. Many years later Natsume dreams of joining the Gear to fight the Gadoll but because she has lost one of her arms she ended up working as armor repairer under a guy named Kaburagi a veteran armor repairer.

Later in the episode, when one day they were cleaning the armor there was a sudden Gadoll attack and everyone in the team including Natsume and Kaburagi somehow fall from the mobile fortress into the battle field. That moment it was revealed that Kaburagi previously was once a great warrior who has now lost his will to fight. Kaburagi then once again shows his skills in the battlefield and kill Gadoll.

At the end of the episode, we saw that the mobile fortress was transformed into a large cannon and used the energy collected from the Gadoll and it launched an attack on the biggest monster and defeated it. That’s conclude the first episode of Deca-Dence.

About Deca-Dence

Deca Dence Episode 2 Release Date
Deca-Dence Anime

The series was reported on July 5, 2019 by Kadokawa. It is produced by Yuzuru Tachikawa, composed by Hiroshi Seko, its characters structured by Pomodorosa and Shinichi Kurita, and its music created by Masahiro Tokuda. Tachikawa teamed up with Seko in the two seasons of Mob Psycho 100. While the primary scene had a propelled debut screening at FunimationCon 2020 on July 3, 2020, the anime formally started airing on July 8, 2020 on AT-X and different channels. Funimation is officially streaming the anime. The opening song “Theater of Life”, was performed by Konomi Suzuki, while the closing song, “Kioku no Hakobune” (“Ark of Memories”), was performed by Kashitarō Itō.

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