There are only a couple shows that come out each year where after you finish it you take a deep breath and say “damn that was a great time I wish it wouldn’t end”.

Great Pretender: Should Fans Expect a Season 3 of the Netflix Anime?

If you are tired of the shonen formula, the high school setting, the demons, and the isekai worlds. I present to you Great Pretender. The show travels all around the world from Japan to US to Singapore to London. The art and animation takes a stab at the different environments and situations with its own creativity and its absolutely stunningly beautiful. WIT studio delivers.

Great Pretender Anime Review - 78/100 - Star Crossed Anime
Yes, this is animated.

Why is Great Pretender a must watch?

  1. Music: ✅✅✅ Almost every single song in this anime has been added to my playlist.
  2. Art: ✅✅✅ The pictures speak for themselves.
  3. Story: ✅✅✅ It’s more than a straightforward con artist show. Let’s leave it at that.
  4. Fun: ✅✅
  5. Animation: ✅✅
  6. Character development: ✅✅
  7. Romance: ✅
  8. Comedy: ✅

I could go on for a while about each category, but the point is it covers all bases. No matter what type of genre of anime you like Great pretender has something to satisfy you. I would recommend watching it without any prior knowledge.

Cynthia Moore | Great Pretender | Know Your Meme

What else can you possibly ask for? no matter what genre or type of anime you like. if you haven’t seen The Great Pretender yet I implore you to watch. Hate it or love it you’re gonna remember it.

The only streaming service you can currently watch it on is Netflix.