Hinata and Kageyama’s journey continues in much awaited fourth season of Haikyuu!! officially titled as “Haikyuu!!: To The Top” returning this fall with the rest of the episodes.

It was earlier confirmed that Haikyuu!! Season 4 will be a spilt cour where the first cour of 13 episodes aired from January to April 2020 and Haikyu!! Season 4 Part 2 will air from October to December 2020 for 12 episodes.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Cour 2 was originally scheduled to release in July 2020, the summer 2020 anime season. However, the anime production committee decided to delay the release of Haikyuu!! Season 4 Episode 14 in order to ensure the safety of the anime studio staff.

The first episode will officially premiere on October 2, 2020 at 10:55 pm (JST) on “Animeism” programming block on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS in October.

Now with so many big titles such as Yashahime, Danmachi Season 3 and The Day I Became a God all airing together in one season, it becomes very hard for any person keep up with each of them and thier episode release dates and timing.

That’s why for your convenience we have prepared this Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 Release Schedule which will help you know when the next episode will come out and where you can watch it.

Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2 Release Schedule

List of EpisodesRelease Date
Episode 1October 2, 2020
Episode 2October 9, 2020
Episode 3October 16, 2020
Episode 4October 23, 2020
Episode 5October 30, 2020
Episode 6November 6, 2020
Episode 7November 13, 2020
Episode 8November 20, 2020
Episode 9November 27, 2020
Episode 10December 4, 2020
Episode 11December 11, 2020
Episode 12December 18, 2020

Plot of Season 4 (To The Top) Cour 2

Inarizaki High School Volleyball Team Memebers
Inarizaki High School Volleyball Team Memebers

In the coming season Karasuno High School Volleyball team will be taking on the powerhouse Inarizaki High School and battle against the Miya twins if they wish to continue their journey to win the Nationals Tournament.

Where to Watch Haikyu!!: To The Top Part 2 Online?

Haikyu!!: To The Top Cour 2 will run for a total of 12 episodes starting from October 2 to December 18, 2020. All these episodes will be available on Crunchyroll and VRV to watch in orginal japanese dub, embedded with English subtitles.

About Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! To The Top Cour 2 Release Schedule

Written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyuu!! is a popular Shounen sports published in Weekly Shounen Jump.

It is a slice-of-life sports anime revolving around Shoyo Hinata’s love of volleyball. Inspired by a small-statured pro volleyball player, Hinata creates a volleyball team in his last year of middle school. Unfortunately the team is matched up against the “King of the Court” Tobio Kageyama’s team in their first tournament and inevitably lose. After the crushing defeat, Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama After entering high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find that Tobio has also joined.