Due to growing popularity of sports anime and “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” turning into a genre of itself, an anime series based on Ryudai Ishizaka’s Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls (or also known Hang On! Climbing Girls) manga has been greenlit. Not only that but its sequel manga Iwa-Kakeru!! -Try a new climbing is also receiving anime treatment.

To commemorate the announcement the official website to Hang On! Climbing Girls anime revealed a teaser visual along with information regarding its cast, studio and core staff members. You can see the key Visual below.


Hang On! Climbing Girls

Key Visual
Hang On! Climbing Girls Key Visual

The above visual portrays the series’ main lead Konomi Kasahara as she climbs her way up to the mountain. Sumire Uesaka is voicing Konomi Kasahara. Remaining cast members includes Jun Uehara by Yui Ishikawa, Sayo Yotsuba by Aina Suzuki and Nonoka Sugiura by Miyu Tomita

Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls Cast
Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls Cast

Plot of the Show

For those who don’t know Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls focuses around a group of girls as they compete in sport climbing. Particularly the show focuses on Konomi Kasahara, a first-year Highschool student and an expert in puzzle games, who discoveres this sport at Hanamiya Girls’ High School. Her life changed the moment she stumbled across her new school’s climbing wall, which led her into the school’s climbing team.

Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls Release date

As of now, no official announcement regarding its release date have been made but one can expect Hang On! Climbing Girls to release sometime in 2021.

Studio and Staff

Studio blade is producing the TV anime with Tetsuro Amino directing the series. Touko Machida is writing the scripts and Yoshihiro Watanabe is drawing the character designs. Tsubasa Ito is working on music composition.

About the franchise

Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls is a Japanese manga written and drawn by Ryudai Ishizaka in Cygames’ Cycomi website in December 2017.