Horimiya Season 2: Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

Horimiya is without a doubt one of the most anticipated anime that came out in winter 2020. The series is quite popular, so fans have been wondering if they can expect a Horimiya Season 2 or OVA any time soon. This article, will cover everything you need to know about season 2 and OVA of the popular romance anime.

Horimiya is a high school romance anime that is based on the manga of the same name. The manga series was written by author Hero and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. Moreover, the anime series which has adapted the popular manga was produced by Studia CloverWorks. The anime was the season’s most-watched romantic comedy anime.

The story follows a high school boy Miyamura, who didn’t have any friends and who always looked gloomy. One day while helping a kid who was injured to his home. Miyamura meets his classmate Hori-san and how that coincidental meeting with her changed his life. And how both of them helped each other to deal with their life’s trouble.

Its first season concluded in April 2021 and since then fans have been wondering whether the anime will return for season 2 or a spin-off.

Horimiya Manga

In case of anime the the possibility of a sequel or nay kind of continuation being announced mainly depends on three factors which are:

  • Availability of source material
  • Sales
  • Popularity

Now we will take a deep look into the information that I have complied into 3 different sections and at the end I will tell you that you should expect something relegated to Horimiya Season 2. Now, let’s start for the breakdown of the information we have.

Is There Enough Material for Horimiya Season 2?

Today most of the anime are adapted from the already existing source material in the form of Manga, Light Novel, Games, and such.

In the case of Horimiya, the source material is a manga written by the author HERO. Those who have watched the first season of Horimiya already know that the first season has already covered the full manga. However, the story was not as detailed as the manga and many of the important chapters were skipped which could still be adapted.

Moreover, many of you might remember that in the Manga there were chapters covering Hori-san’s brother’s relationship with his childhood friend. So, there is also a possibility of the Spin-off series elaborating that part of the story.

Conclusion: It is possible that there will be OVA episodes that will cover some of the important chapters of the manga that were not adapted in the actual anime series or there even might be an entire spin-off.


Sales and Popularity

In this section, we will see if the anime was even profitable for the production committee or failed to even make up the production costs. For this, we will analyze its Blu-ray, DVD sale, and light novel sales.

Before moving ahead you will need to understand and most of the anime today created are mostly produced to promote and boost the sales of its source material (in this case the manga). Sales generated through the sales of the light novel, merch are their main source of income, and the rest is treated as a side income in the form of advertiser fees, online streaming licensing, and Blu-ray.

Generally a 12-epsiode anime television series usually takes about $ 3,000,000 to produce.

As of the latest Horimiya manga currently has 1.2 million copies circulation.

On average Horimiya has a cumulative 5.7 million copies of its volumes in circulation, so it is certainly doing impressively in terms of light novel sales.

Horimiya Blu-ray Sales

The Blu-ray sales for the first volume are around 3,740 copies sold. That’s decent, and it’s for the first week only, so it should sell a few hundred more.

A total of 3.7k units sold is good, considering there is also growing streaming and merch money coming from domestic and overseas companies like Crunchyroll, BiliBli, in 2021. However, if it manages to reach 5k then it would be a massive boost to the probability of a sequel getting green-lit

Conclusion: the sales are not overall amazing but are decent enough to get a second season.

Popularity Of The Series In Japan And In West

In this section, we will take a look at how popular this series is and how much the anime boosted the popularity. To do that, we will look at its official social media handles, MyAnimeList, and other rankings, and how successful the manga is.


Manga Information

After the manga was adapted by Daisuke Hagiwara under Hero’s supervision under the title Horimiya. The manga popularity has only grown with Volume 2 that reached 15th place on the weekly Oricon manga charts and, as of December 2, 2012, had sold 43,735 copies. Moreover, if we talk more about it volume 6 reached 2nd place and, as of November 16, 2014, had sold 208,788 copies. For more information, you can check the official Japanese website for anime as well as manga.

Social Media

Their official Twitter handle has about 163K followers, which is a massive number to have, and moreover, it is regularly updated from time to time. This directly shows how popular the series in Japan who is the demographically targeted audience for its Manga and Blu-rays sales and accounts for almost or sometimes even more than 50% of revenue generated. I would also like to mention, that another HERO’s Twitter has also risen in popularity, with around 250K as of writing this article.


On MyAnimeList, Horimiya Aime is ranked #244with a rating of 8.27 with about 614,000 members. Meanwhile, on IMBD the series had received a rating of 8.2. On D-Anime Store, a widely used Japanese anime streaming site, Horimiya was the 10th most-watched anime this season surpassing heavy hitters like the Redo of HealerSeven Deadly Sins Season 5. Thus it is relatively popular in both Japan and the west.

Conclusion: the series is one of the biggest and has massive popularity both in Japan and overseas so it won’t have any problem getting a Season 2 or at least a spin-off series.

So will There Be Horimiya Season 2?


The sales for this franchise aren’t bad, but they aren’t exceptional either. It’s hard to tell the chances for season 2 currently. It’s too soon to tell how much the anime helped.

Those of you who closely follow Horimiya knows that manga series has already been concluded and the first season of the anime pretty much covered the entire manga. However, the detailed chapter could be adapted and their is a high chance of getting some OVA episodes covering stuff related to Hori-san’s brother that were in the Manga.

Horimiya Season 2 or Spin-off: When Will It Premiere?

But, as of now, no official announcements have been made related to Horimiya Season 2, hence the readers need to keep in mind that these are just speculations. But, keep an eye out for this space as we will update it as soon as something official is announced. I will make it clear that it will take the next few years to get anything related to it, and it is highly unlikely that we will get any information in the near future.

Yen Press Describes The Volume 15(Final) As Such:

A mysterious physics teacher, Nakamine, and Hori’s excitable best friend, Yuki, are getting along surprisingly well…! But their new closeness hasn’t gone unnoticed-most especially not by Tooru…and Yasuda?! Will the newfound rapport between Nakamine and Yuki spur Tooru and Yasuda to make their own moves? 

The Volume 15 of Horimiya which is the final volume of the manga is being sold on YenPress at $13, you can check it out as well.

This article will get updated again next year, and we will see if something perhaps changed. In the meantime, you can check the Manga Like Solo Leveling and Best Ecchi Anime.

I hope this article helped you understand what are the chances that we will get a Horimiya Season 2.

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