Veteran and new fans of Final Fantasy fans were in for a treat when FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE debuted on April 10, bringing back the beloved characters, and story from the original game.

And to celebrate the remake, a Japanese gaming conducted a poll asking about their readers about their favourite heroine from the remake and recently published the top 10 rankings. The poll manged to receive 2000 votes.

Have a look at top 10 Heroines from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, as chosen by Japanese fans:

10. Scarlet (4 votes)


9. Madam M (4 votes)

Madam M

8. Betty (6 votes)


7. Barret (7 votes)


6. Marlene (20 votes)


5. Kyrie (35 votes)


4. Cloud – Dressed to the Nines (76 votes)

Cloud - Dressed to the Nines

3. Jessie (298 votes)


2. Aerith (635 votes)


1. Tifa (892 votes)


It comes no surprise that over one-third of votes were given to two main fan favourites girls. And Yeah Cloud nailed it. Now let’s movie on.

So who is your favorite heroine or waifu from the latest remake? Which standing is the most surprising for you? Do tell us in the comments section or hit us on our social media accounts.