Best 10 Manga/Manhwa Like Metropolitan System


Metropolitan System is a Manga/Manhwa based on the web novel of the same name. If you are looking for some Manga/Manhwa like Metropolitan System, you are at the right place for it.

Metropolitan System Recommendation

Note: I have made sure that all the Manga/Manhwa covered in the list has more than 65 chapters. You can read them on different sources. But I would suggest you read them on YouTube.

1. Metropolitan Supremacy System

Best 10 Manga/Manhwa Like Metropolitan System
  • Author:  Daxingdao Anime
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Status: Ongoing

As the name suggests it is just like the Metropolitan System. The story goes like this after a traffic accident the main character Yang Ning developed otherworldly abilities. He entered a game-like system where he can upgrade his strengths as well as acquire new abilities.

After that, he uses his newfound abilities to make money. At the same time take care of some arrogant school bullies. Also gathering attention my many girls around and one of the best for something similar to Metropolitan System.

2. Rebirth of Urban Immortal Cultivator

Best 10 Manga/Manhwa Like Metropolitan System
  • Author:  Daxingdao Anime, Shili Jianshen, Uncle Zhong
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts, Seinen, Slice of life, Zero to hero
  • Status: Ongoing

The story revolves around Chen Fan, who was the strongest in the Universe. But he came back to his previous life to set things right and protect his loved once that he failed to do in his last life. With the knowledge from his life as an Immortal Cultivator, he can Cultivate and reach his previous strength fast.

If you are are looking for Manga/Manhwa where MC kills everyone who messes with this is for you. And it also feels good when everyone is looking down on him and he shows them who’s the boss.

3. Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World

Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you were reborn in a parallel where girls control everything? That is exactly what happened to Chu Qing. Chu Qing 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world, where he began his journey as a cultivator and after 300 years he was able to reach the realm of eternity.

He then opened a time and space gate and return to his 17 year old self. But after returning to earth he realised the it’s not earth but a reverse version of it. In this world roles of men and women were reversed.

This Manhwa might look a little weird to you. But do give it a shot it’s really great, at first I thought that it might be weird but I did like it a loot.

4. Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

One day our main character Song Shuhang is added to a chat group. The fellows inside the group called each other Daoist, Immortals, Fairy had all different kinds of titles: Palace Master, Cave Lord, True Monarch, Immortal Master, etc.

Song Shuhang then started gaining knowledge about different things and exchanging thing from the earth with immortals for elixirs, pills which helped him to change his life.

5. Urban Fairy King

Urban Fairy King

Bai Li Yun Xiao becomes the strongest cultivator in the Jaixiao Continent. However, after his death, he returned back 300 years to his younger self.

He was determined to change his life and climb to the top of the world. If prefer something with a lot of action thia is for you.

6. I Was Trash

I Was Trash

This is the story of Lin Mu who was considered as trash and gets bullied, everyone looks down on him. He was later murdered by someone.

Cang Kun Zi a cultivator from the immortal world got reincarnation into his body and used his knowledge from the immortal world to cultivate and show the world that he can’t be messed with.

7. Strongest Abandoned Son

Strongest Abandoned Son

When Ye Mo woke up, he found that everything around him seemed to be changed: The beautiful master disappeared; he became the abandoned one by the family; even more, he became the object of being humiliated by a woman standing on the podium with his love letter.

But these were not important at all. The most important thing was that he remembered another terrible thing that didn’t belong to him…

8. Rebirth: City Deity

Rebirth: City Deity

WuJi, a deity from the realm of cultivation, used the fate-changing skill, just to return to the city! This time, he is going to right his wrongs and make up for all the regret he had in his previous life.

Wealth, strength, beauty! It is all in his hands now! The Promise of the Immortal World, reversing the Zongmen to Gaoxian Law, only to return to the city! This time, he changed his former mistakes and made up for all the regrets of his previous life.

9. First Rate Master


He has no special skills, but he mastered kung fu. The martial arts master, Duan Yun, came to a city, beats up rich people, and punishes gangsters. He also gives his affection to a high quality girl, a hot feisty cop, and cold business woman…

10. Back From Immortal World

Back From Immortal World

Ruthlessly betrayed by his lover and trusted friends, Tang Xiu found that his soul went back to his previous body on Earth, and, despite he spent 10,000 years in the Immortal World, just a year has passed on Earth and many things have changed.

Having an unsurpassed knowledge, Tang Xiu will protect his loved ones and go back to the Immortal World to take his revenge.

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