Anime includes many aspects such as story line, animation, action, and character development but in my opinion, music is one of the most if not the most important aspect of an anime. The first impression an anime makes on us is the opening theme. The story may suck, the animation may suck but if the intro hits everyone is intrigued to stay a little bit longer and hope that the show gets better.


Why does music matter?

Music is a universal language which can be used as a vehicle to carry emotion throughout a show. It conveys emotion better than words. It expresses something that words simply cant. It makes you feel the scene.

Take this AOT scene for example it’s not even an action scene but the slow suspenseful build up to the moment of ultimate decision with the beat drop is simply amazing.

It doesn’t matter how good it looks, how well the story is written, or how well the action scenes are animated if the background music sucks. Music gives life to the scene.

Let’s be honest here we all have music from our favorite anime saved and we listen to it from time to time. We remember the show and how we felt while watching the show by its music. Without music none of the hype scenes in all your favorite anime would be possible. Without music none of the tear dropping endings of your slice of life anime would be possible.

How Music Gives Life to Anime

Music defines an anime. No anime can be great without music. No action scene can be great without music. No story can be great without music.

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