Dragon Quest: Your Story Key Visual
Dragon Quest: Your Story Key Visual

Netlflix keeps adding new series to its vault and their latest addition is 3DCGI based Dragon Quest: Your Story anime movie. Netlflix added the Dragon Quest: Your Story on February 13 with English subtitles and dubbed option. The film’s story is based on Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride game’s story.

Dragon Quest: Your Story (Movie, Dub/Sub) is now on @netflix!https://t.co/olW1hSEC9f pic.twitter.com/HjahdEMtmJ

— Netflix Anime U.S. (@NetflixAnime) February 13, 2020

The film opened on July 16 last year and earned about $11.1 million.

The film was highly criticized by Japanese fans for using celebrities for voicing instead of professional voice actors and not using Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s character designs. 

The film centers around Luca who follows his father’s footsteps to rescue his mother from evil Ladja. Finding the heavenly hero who wields the Zenithian sword is his only hope.

Yuji Horii, who created the franchise at Enix (before its merger with Squaresoft to form Square Enix), was credited for the original story and supervision.

Takashi Yamazaki was the chief director and scriptwriter, and Ryūichi Yagi and Makoto Hanafusa directed the film. The game franchise‘s composer Koichi Sugiyama also composed the film’s music.

If you are unfamiliar with Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest is a series of Japanese role-playing video games by Yuji Horii at his studio Armour Project. The games are published by Square Enix. There are 11 main series game with numerous spin-offs with addition to a large number of novels, manga and anime.