While our eyes was glued on Avatar: The last Airbender premiere which is coming to Streaming platform on April 15, Netflix just sneakily just added all 24 episodes from Parasyte: The Maxim (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu), the highly acclaimed science fiction anime by Madhouse to their anime catalog.

The episodes are available in Japanese and English dub. The series has been on Netflix for other regions for a long time but it finally is now available for US viewers.

Parasyte: The Maxim is an anime based on manga written by Hitoshi Iwaaki of the same name. Madhouse provided the animation who are best known for Hunter X Hunter (2011) and One Punch Man Season 1. The series premiered on October 9, 2014.

Sentai Filmworks, who distributed the Blu-ray and DVD release in America describes the series as:

Unbeknownst to mankind the world is quietly being invaded. Alien beings known as “Parasytes” begin infiltrating humans one by one, burrowing into their brains to take complete control of both their bodies and their identities. With an insatiable hunger for human flesh these cold and calculating creatures mutate into grotesque monsters who feed on the unsuspecting when they’re not hiding behind the faces of everyday people.

Only Shinichi Izumi, a lone high school boy, is aware of the terror lurking in plain sight. After one Parasyte’s attempt to take over his brain ends in failure, Shinichi’s right arm is instead possessed by this monster with a mind and an agenda all its own. As Shinichi and his unwanted cohabitant, “Migi,” struggle for dominance of his body, the alien infection continues to grow and so does the trail of bodies in its wake.

Now Shinichi and Migi must become more than host and parasite if they hope to not only protect themselves, but Shinichi’s loved ones as well. As Shinichi and Migi’s symbiotic bond deepens, will Shinichi be able to hold on to his humanity, or will he evolve into something more than he ever imagined?