“Weekly Shonen Jump” has a history of over 50 and since then they have published many manga series having characters with different personalities. I popular Japanese magazine Goo Ranking did a poll look into, which character people think is the most friendly manga character.

5 Most Friendly Shonen Jump Character

1. Tsunayoshi Sawada From Reborn!

Shonen Jump Ranks Most Friendly Main Character

In the first place, we have Tsunayoshi Sawada from Reborn!, known in Japan as Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Amano.

Tuna, a junior high school student who is not good at studying or exercising, is one day selected as the 10th boss candidate of the Italian Mafia “Vongole Family” and will start training like a boss with Hitman Reborn of the organization.

After fighting against strong enemies, Tuna gradually grows as a boss, but it was attractive that he never lost the kindness of the person who originally had until the very end.

2. Tanjiro Kamado From Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Shonen Jump Ranks Most Friendly Main Character

The 2nd place was followed by “Tanjiro Kamado” of “Demon Slayer”, which was animated in 2019 and recorded a huge hit as a social phenomenon.

A gentle boy with a family feeling, Sumijiro departs with his younger sister, Mameko, who was the only surviving demon but his family was killed by a demon.

As a member of the demon-hunting organization, Jiro Jiro will continue to fight various demons, but some of the people who were touched by his kindness to show even compassion to the enemy demon I think there are many.

3. Allen Walker From Dr.Gray-Man

Shonen Jump Ranks Most Friendly Main Character

“Allen Walker,” which ranked in 3rd place, is the main character of “D.Gray-man”, which depicts the battle of exorcists against the Noah family of incompetence who seeks the end of the world.

As an exorcist, Allen, who fights against the family’s malignant weapon, AKUMA, is a kind boy with a strong sense of justice. Because of its kindness, we try to protect not only humans but also AKUMA, which is produced by human souls.

The work itself is hard dark fantasy, but it seems that few readers were soothed by his gentle smile.

4. Ryo Saeba From City Hunter

Shonen Jump Ranks Most Friendly Main Character

The series follows the exploits of Ryo Saeba, a “sweeper” who is always found chasing beautiful girls and a private detective who works to rid Tokyo of crime, along with his associate or partner, Hideyuki Makimura. Their “City Hunter” business is an underground jack-of-all-trades operation, contacted by writing the letters “XYZ” on a blackboard at Shinjuku Station.

One day, Hideyuki is murdered, and Ryo must take care of Hideyuki’s sister, Kaori, a tomboy who becomes his new partner in the process. However, Kaori is very susceptible and jealous, often hitting Ryo with a giant hammer when he does something perverted. The story also follows the behind-the-scenes romance between Ryo and Kaori and the way they cooperate throughout each mission.

5. Koro sensei From Assassination Classroom

Shonen Jump Ranks Most Friendly Main Character

Meet the would-be assassins of class 3-E: Sugino, who let his grades slip and got kicked off the baseball team. Karma, who’s doing well in his classes but keeps getting suspended for fighting.

And Okuda, who lacks both academic and social skills, yet excels at one subject: chemistry.

Who has the best chance of winning that reward? Will the deed be accomplished through pity, brute force or poison…? And what chance does their teacher have of repairing his students’ tattered self-esteem?

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