The first episode of The God Of High School just aired on July 6 and everyone is already waiting for episode 2 of the anime. As you might already know that ‘The God Of High School’ anime is based on a manhwa of the same name by Yongje Park and it is one of the most anticipated summer 2020 anime. In this article, for those who have watched the first episode, we will cover everything you need to know like release date, preview, and where you can watch the next episode.

The God Of High School Episode 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The second episode of ‘The God of High School’ is scheduled to release on July 13, 2020. Moreover, With new episodes being released every Saturday until September 28.

Episode 2 Preview & Staff Details

Mori and the others have successfully passed the first qualifying. The three players who are preparing for the qualifying tournament will discuss the reasons for their participation. Among them, Mira says that she inherited the will of his father, who was the predecessor of the moonlight sword law, and participated to find a strong successor to rebuild the dojo. On the day of the tournament. Last time, a match between Mori and sparks, Kang Man Suk, who is one of the championship candidates, and Ko Kang, who is a tai chi player, begins.
  • Screenplay: Shigeru Murakoshi
  • Storyboard: Pak Kim Atsushi
  • Director: Takashi Akai
  • General drawing director: Manabu Akita

Where Can To Watch The God Of High School Episode 2?

Crunchyroll is officially streaming the anime, you can watch it there. Moreover, there are many unofficial websites available as well you can easily find them on Google. However, we insist that you use official sources to watch the anime, boycott piracy websites, and support the hard-working creators.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Come Out?

Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that the anime will be getting an English dub version. However, the exact date has not been revealed but mostly within one week, we might see an English dub.

Episode 1 Quick Recap

The God Of High School Episode 2

The episode starts with few people trying to blackmail the president of the ruling party, they where on an island and the other minute there was a handprint on the whole island the all of them were dead, that’s the power of a real martial artist.

In the next scene, our main character Jin-Mori woke up in the morning looks at the clock and he was late for the GOH Tournament. He instantly took his bike and went for the arena, on the way he saw a thief robbing an old lady. Jin-Mori immediately went after the thief, on his way when he was chasing the thief he collided with Yoo Mari who was admiring the mussels of some martial artists.

Jin-Mori told Yoo-Mari about the old lady then they both started to chase the thief, they were at it for a while but of no use. Then the thief threw some of the money so Jin Mori stopped to collect the money and told Mari to go after the thief and she jumped at him and got hit on a billboard. At that moment Han Daewi punched the thief and stopped him from running away.

Soon after they somehow reached the arena and they were told get prepared to enter the fighting arena and when they entered they told everyone to start fighting. They announced that the first fight will be a battle royal and when everyone was fighting we also got to know that Jin-Mori injured an administrator. That concluded the first episode.

Plot Of The God Of High School

The anime will be adapting the same story as the Manhwa. The protagonist Jin Mori is invited to a Martial Arts tournament called “The God Of High School” organized by a secret corporation. They conducted a tournament on the regional level and then on the national level inviting high school students from all over the country. Their goal was to find the top 3 contest ent for the international tournament and the contestant how wins the tournament will get his wish granted by the organization, no questions asked.

Jin Mori fights through different levels and with contestants having a distinct fighting style. Not only martial arts, but contestants also fight using something called borrowed power which is a power granted to a person by Gods, Demons, and other mythical creatures. He also befriended Swordswomen called Yoo Mira and Full-Contact Karate expert called Han Daewi after there fight during the tournament.

That’s it for this article for the latest anime news and update follow our twitter handle. By the way, we also compiled a list of must-watch Manhwa Like Tower Of God, do check it out.


  1. Srsly looking forward for the next episode. Its first episode was awesome despite skipping some scenes from the webtoon. Now craving for more actions, especially that we’ve been quite deprived with lots of action from he spring 2020 lineup. Plus, God of High School reminds me of Tenjho Tenge. Oh my, those fight scenes are awesome.

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