The King’s Avatar came out in April 2017 and aired till June 2017, later in 2018 three special ONA episodes were released. It might one of the few Chinese Anime that created a lot of hype around the anime community.

the kings avatar season 2 release date
The King’s Avatar

In 2019 it was announced that the Chinese anime will have a second season which will release sometime in 2020. Fans have been waiting for the second season for quite a while now.

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Previously it was announced that season 2 will release in July 2020. But the exact date was not announced. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is expected that the release will be postponed.

As soon as it is revealed we will update on the website or on our Twitter handle.

Season two will continue the story where the first season ended. Ye Xiu will create his own team along with Chen Guo, Tang Rou and a few others from the 8 sever of glory. They together will enter the world tournament.

Ye Xiu and his newly formed team will be competing against the professional teams and more importantly against Excellent Era for the world title of Glory. The season is confirmed to have 12 episodes.

As you might know, currently there is no official source for watching Chinese Anime. But, there are many unofficial sources where you can watch King’s Avatar Season 2. You can check out “” this website for ad-free anime streaming for free.

However, we in any way or form support piracy. It is recommended that you always watch anime from official sources. It helps the anime creates grow and make more exciting content for us.

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