The second episode of ‘The Misfit Of Demon King Academy’ just aired and everyone is already waiting for episode 3, what happened in the second episode was quite unexpected, to say the least, if you haven’t you should consider watching it. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 3 like release date, preview, spoilers, and where to watch English dub of the anime.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 3 Release Date

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 3 is scheduled to release on 18 July. The anime is on a weekly schedule, so you can expect a brand new episode every Saturday. Moreover, you can also check the release schedule.

Where Can I Watch Demon King Academy Episode 3?

You can watch the anime officially on Crunchyroll as it is the official streaming partner of the anime. However, there are many unofficial websites that are streaming the anime you can find them on Google. But, we insist that you watch the anime through official sources so that the creators can get benefit out of it.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Come Out?

There is no confirm news about the English dub version of the anime, but Funimation will most probability will do an English dub in the future.

Spoilers and Preview Images For The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 3

Episode 3 “Sasha’s Truth”

“Sasha…I don’t think you’ll be free.”

“Finally, I’m glad to see you.” As time goes by without grasping the true meaning of Sasha who left a meaningful word, the Devil King Academy will hold a special magic lesson by the Seven Devil Emperor Ivis. The Seven Devil Emperor is under the control of seven people whose founders used their own blood. Anos was reminded by Emilia, “Don’t be rude.”

(Note: The above translation are done with google translate, so it may or may note be 100% accurate)

  • Storyboard: Hiroyuki Shimazu
  • Director: Yamato Ouchi
  • Animation Director: Yuki Imoto, Kenta Mizusaki, Yume Ryuju, Hideto Akita, Kyosuke Matsui

Quick Recap Of Episode 2

The previous episode starts with a flashback of when Anos was still the Demon King of Tyranny and he had a face-off with Hero Kanon. During that face-off, Anos offered a means of peace between humans and demons that if he and Kanon combine their powers, Anos can release a powerful spell that can isolate the Demon Realm, Human Realm, and God Realm to create peace in the world that would last for at least a thousand years.

Now in the current timeline, teams are being formed in the Demon King Academy and everyone has developed a prejudice against Anos for being a misfit. Then during the selection for the team leader Anos showed has skill with Zect spell and even modified the current Zect spell they used for selection to get twice the output.

It was also revealed the wrong name of the demon king was passed down in history. Later, Misha’s sister Sasha Necron was trying to bully Misha and Anos, she even sued her demon eyes and then Anos canceled her spell and used the same spell on her. Then Sasha challenged Anos to a duel and the one who lost will have to do what the winner says.

The next day Team Sasha and Team Anos started fighting, Sasha used a spell to build a castle but Anos instantly came to their castle picked it up with his hands, spines it around and threw it away, then Sasha tells his team to prepare a high-level spell called Jio Graze and used it but Anos used a low-level spell called Grega and canceled out their spell and broke through their defenses.

Later, Anos asked Sash to jin his team because Misa wants to be in a team with her and he also thinks her eyes are beautiful. Then they went to Anos’s home for a meal and after the meal, Anos went to drop them to their home and when Misha went inside Sasha kissed Anos. That concluded the second episode of ‘The Misfit Of Demon King Academy’.

Plot Of The Anime

Anos, The Demon King Of Tyranny, who was tired of endless struggles and reincarnated in a peaceful world while destroying people, spirits, and even gods. But two thousand years later, what he was waiting for was reincarnated to his descendants, who had become accustomed to peace and became too weak, and a number of magics that had declined.

Anos, who enrolled in the “Demon King Academy”, which gathers those who are considered to be the reincarnation of the devil, is unable to see his power and stigmatizes the non-conforming ones. While everyone is despised as a downgrade, Misha, who will be the only one who will be intimate, will be added to the subordinate, and a non-conforming person (devil) will run up the hierarchy of the demons !!

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