Hey there! In this article we will talk about Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 9.We have covered every single detail you need to know about next chapter such as its release date, spoilers and official sources through which you can read it.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter is a time travel, science-fiction manga which is currently being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It follows Teppei Sasaki, a manga artist who unintentionally copies a hit manga from 10 years in the future and finds the original author, Itsuki Aino working under him as his assistant.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 9

Release Date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Time Paradox Ghostwriter was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #31. So, it seems like Chapter 4 is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #32. Therefore, Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 9 is going to release on July 12, 2020. Now before moving to spoilers let’s us have a quick recap of previous chapter.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 8 Recap

This chapter raised more questions answering the previous ones. The chapter starts out with Sasaki finding out the message printed on his fridge is made of iron sand. He is confused and wonders whether the messages are coming from the future. He once again asks him whether he is the one who is sending him Jump issues from the future. Afterwards Iron Sand once again starts reacting and this time what appear was “√144”.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 9

Sasaki is now more confused than ever and again wonders how come the future will be change if he draws the white knight. And to his response new message on the fridge. “Very Soon Itsuki will begin – Anima – a new series. Teppei Sasaki continue drawing White Knight. You must beat Itsuki. Your death means her defeat.”

After that some random numbers appears on the board which are said to be lotto drawings numbers. Sasaki once again questions why he chose him to which he replies with a smiley emoji similar to one on Aino’s pin and it seems like its connection to future has broken. After this Sasaki sats down at his desk going through previous chapter trying to find out how future Itsuki was planning to move story forward.


The next chapter will show us how Sasaki will continue the white knight now that he is not receiving any issues from the future and he has to draw and think of story on his own.

Where to Read Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 9?

All latest and previous chapters are available on online on Viz Media in English or else you can head over to Shueisha’s own Manga Plus website.

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