Disclaimer: If you’re single and you watch this show trust me the pain is real.

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This show finally figured out that the romance part of a romance anime starts after a couple starts dating. They even took it a step further and got them married. This is not your usual slice of life romance where they tease the couple getting together the whole time until they finally do. In this show the couple gets married in the very first episode. I know mind boggling right. It then continues to build their relationship as a newly wed couple and all their new experiences. It’s cute, innocent, and funny. If you are looking for a cute show to give you the warm fuzzies this is one of the best out there.

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Why should you watch it?

The dynamic is completely different compared to a high school romcom. First of all there is no high school setting. Second they are already married and are living together. There are completely new problems and situations that come with being married, living together, and meeting your partners family for the first time. This show tackles all these situations to become one of the cutest and best romcoms of 2020.

ART] Tonikaku Kawaii chapter 54

You can currently watch Season 1 on Crunchyroll. Season 2 has not been confirmed yet but a an OVA has been announced for 2021. On a side note the voting for Crunchyroll ainme awards has begun and Tonikaku Kawaii has been nominated for best couple. So head over there and vote!