AnimeJapan 2020 recently published the results of survey where they asked fans about “Manga which they want to see animated“. They survey received almost 180000 votes. The voting took place between 1st February to 16th February.

The results were set to Release on March 23 at AnimeJapan convention but was cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. These are the ten manga that Japanese fans wants to see animated as anime.

1. “Komi can’t communicate” by Tomohito Oda
2. “Atarashi Joushi wa Do Tennen” by Dan Ichikawa
3. “Oniichan oshimai” by Nekotoufu
4. “Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu” by Norio Sakurai
5. “Spy x Family” by Tatsuya Endou
6. “Act-Age” by Tatsuyu Matsuki
7. “Tasuuketsu” by Taiga Miyakawa
8.) “Gokushufudou” by Kausuke Onoo
9. “Kusuriya no Hitorigoto” by Natsu Hyuuga
10. “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Weekly Shonen Sunday’s “Komi can’t communicate” by Tomohito Oda helmed the top position. The story revolves around Shouko Komi who immediately receives an overwhelming surge in popularity due to the unprecedented, stoic beauty and refined elegance her classmates perceive her to possess.

Komi Can't communicate Volume 16 Artwork
Komi Can’t communicate Volume 16 Artwork

However, only Hitohito Tadano, an exceedingly average schoolboy assigned to the seat next to hers, is able to have the opportunity to discover that, behind her bishojo appearance, Komi has serious issues in communicating with others. Tadano sets out to help Komi on her quest to find 100 friends. Author Oda drew a celebration illustration.

Komi Can't Communicate Celebration illustration
Komi Can’t Communicate Celebration illustration

Shueisha’s Spy x Family, Act-Agand Chainsaw Man earned 5th, 6th and 10th spot. All three series are available in English on Viz Media, ShonenJump and Mangaplus. Viz Media describes Chainsaw Man as:

“I guess Devil Hunter’s the best for making money,” proclaims chronically broke Denji, a Devil Hunter-for-hire. With his trusty chainsaw and chainsaw…dog, Denji vies to make it to his next meal; however, nothing is ever as it seems, and things never go as planned.

 Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Cover Art

Chainsaw Man Volume 1 Cover Art

Madness begins with the story of a dark hero who will rock the world. A new era of devils, hunters, and chainsaws begins!

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