As we all know how 2020 and the Pandemic ruined our plans or something we were looking forward to, Specially for Otakus A lot of the upcoming Anime Sequels got delayed and finally, there’s some good news.

Today we’ll go through Top 5 Most Anticipated Anime Sequels of 2020 and Early 2021, So let’s Dive into the Anime World…

1. Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season

Top 5 Most Awaited Anime Sequels of 2020/2021
Attack On Titan Season 4

Welcome to the world of Dark Fantasy, Full of Action, filled with Emotions, Trials, and most importantly Betrayals and it gets even Darker and Darker along the way, Attack on Titan easily comes under the Top 5 Anime of all time.

I’m pretty sure most of you know Attack on Titan (Final Season) is about to release, I mean who doesn’t but for the people who don’t know, AOT will Premiere this very week, Yeah that’s right!!

  • Attack on Titan will premiere on, December 6, In Japan, and most likely be on Streaming Platforms by December 11. Season 4 is expected to have 24 Episodes and likely to get 2 Parts, 12 Episodes each.

2. The Promised Neverland / Yakusoku no Nebārando Season 2

Top 5 Most Awaited Anime Sequels of 2020/2021
The Promised Neverland

Yeah, I’m talking about the so-called “Overrated or Overhyped” Anime of the year. Honestly in my opinion it’s worth watching, You don’t get to see this type of Anime in a while.

It’s one of those Dark and Horror genres of Anime that doesn’t come out that often, So mainly the audience doesn’t know much about it, But we assure you, it’s full of surprises and Dark turns that will shock you.

Season 1, Contains 12 Episodes with no fillers or rewinds, just straight up a solid storyline that will give you chills. After some delays, Finally,

  • The Promised Neverland Season 2 will Premiere in January 2021 (Japan), Worldwide release date is not confirmed Yet! According to our sources, Season 2 is expected to have 12 Episodes.

3. My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia Season 5

Top 5 Most Awaited Anime Sequels of 2020/2021
My Hero Academia

“Fun” that’s how I’ll describe “Boku no Hero” with its amazing animation details and the wonderful OST’s. It’s a Modern Era Shonen Anime with a Good storyline and Epic fights.

It’s about Superheroes who are trying to save the world from supercool villains and each character has their own different Personalities and Powers which makes the Anime a must-watch.

Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy and fantasy, it’s packed with Joyful and Sad Emotions, Exciting fight scenes, and Funny Heroes.

  • My Hero Academia Season 5 will Start Airing in Spring 2021.

4. Dr. Stone Season 2: Stone Wars

Top 5 Most Awaited Anime Sequels of 2020/2021
Dr. Stone

Let me tell you this, nobody expected Dr. Stone to be this Popular, Not only in the genre comes under Science or Adventure, but also in Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction.

An adventurous journey of an 18-year-old Boy, A Genius, Revived in an Ancient era All he can do now is to Survive in the Wild with the Knowledge he posses and Revive Humanity after the Post-Apocalypse.

On his way to save Humankind, Senku Ishigami faces countless difficulties and challenges and make few enemies along the way. He saw this as a chance to build his Kingdom of Science.

  • Dr. Stone Season 2: Stone Wars will Premiere somewhere in January 2021.

5. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train
Demon Slayer: Infinity Train

I know what you’re thinking “Hey, this movie is already out”, But not ‘Worldwide”. Demon Slayer Is Undoubtedly one of the Best Anime of this Decade and it’s on everyone’s mind.

The best Animation I’ve seen this decade especially the Shiny Neon colors Art Style And Some of the Best OSTs with Impressive intros and outros.

Interesting and Amusing Characters with Serious “Character Development” It’s a Battle between superhuman and Awfully Powerful Demons.

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train is only released in Japan. The movie is likely to release Worldwide in early 2021 on streaming Platforms and Theatres.