The official website to Tower Of God recently published the preview images and synopsis from episode 2 with Tower of God Episode 2 Release date. The website also revealed voice actors for Lero-Ro and Laure.

Based on the massively popular Webtoon by SIU, Tower of God anime premiere definitely was a huge hit. Kevin Penkin’s soundtrack, aesthetic animation style and confusing yet bold world building are some of the things that viewers loved about the episode 1.

Tower of God Episode 2 Release date

As we already know that the TV anime airs every Wednesday, as usual Tower of God Episode 2 will release on Wednesday, April 7, 2020 at 24:30 p.m. JST in Japan and South Korea. Kami no Toh Episode 2 is titled “3/400“.

Tower of God Episode 2 Synopsis

(Note: Following are the loose Japanese translations using Google translate. May lead to wrong conclusions)

The night after getting over the Heddon test and proceeding to the second floor of the tower.
Person to put an eye on was bestowed from lily “Black March”, by Kun,
but the night will be aimed at above while being tossed about, really ..

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Images

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Tower of God Episode 2 Preview Image

Kami no Toh New Cast Members

Kenjiro Tsuda( Lero-Ro) and Daisuke Ono (Phonsekal Laure) will join the cast of Tower of God in coming episode.


Where to Watch Tower Of God?

Tower of God will air from April 1, 2020 to June 24, 2020 for 13 episodes. You can watch all these episodes on Crunchyroll. Tower of God is a Crunchyroll original and part of Crunchyroll and Webtoon co-production agreement which is signed to produce Webtoon based anime series. Noblesse by Production I.G. and God of Highschool by studio Mappa are under production under this agreement.

Tower of God English Dub Release

Unfortunately Crunchyroll cancelled most of its english dub Releases including Tower of God dub to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Crunchyroll also paused their ongoing projects including that of in/spectre and Konosuba: Legend of Crimson.

About Tower Of God

Tower of God is a Korean Webtoon written and drawn by SIU since 2010. It is NAVER WEBTOON is releasing the Webtoon in English and Japanese and Line Webtoon since 2014. The Webtoon is currently on its third volume.

Telecom Animation Film (Lupin the Third: Part 5, Orange) is animating the series under Crunchyroll and Webtoon co-production agreement.

Popular Korean band Stray Kids are performing the opening theme “TOP-Japanese ver.-.”and the ending theme. Made in Abyss, Rising Of Shield Hero‘s Kevin Penkin is composing the music.

Tower of God centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend, Rachel, to keep him company. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam manages to open the door into it as well, and faces challenges at each floor of this tower as he tries to find his closest companion.