Webtoon Review: True Beauty.

What really makes someone beautiful?

That is a question for which everyone has a different answer. For some, it might be eyes, for some, the hair, and for some, it might be the personality. Someone might have a beautiful personality, a beautiful face, a beautiful heart, or maybe all of them. Regardless of all these answers, real beauty is something which cannot have a preset defination, it is different for everyone!

True Beauty is a slice-of-life drama which follows the life of Jugyeong, a shy and nerdy girl, who is addicted to comic books. Born with a face which is considered ‘ugly’ in the society, Jugyeong lives an unsatisfied life. She is constantly belittled because of having bad skin and not wearing any makeup. All this takes a toll on her mental health and leaves her unsatisfied with her appearance and unconfident in herself. But when she learns that every other girl in her middle school wears makeup, Jugyeong finds herself becoming interested in it. She looks around for tutorials and posts on online fourms asking strangers for their tips and tricks, and practices different makeup styles on her break from middle school.

When Jugyeong returns back from her break, she joins a completely new high school where no one knows her. Because of working hard on her makeup skills during the break, she becomes an expert in hiding her flaws and making her face look attractive and doll-like. Her hard work finally pays off and her popularity skyrockets. More and more people now want to be associated with her and get to know her on personal level. As the webtoon progresses, we get to see how she makes new friends, falls in love, does modelling jobs, all while hiding her true appearance.

Webtoon Review: True Beauty.

True Beauty explores the idea that being beautiful gives you advantage in life. People put you over other more average looking people, treat you with kindness, and try to win your heart, even if it means giving you free stuff or paying for your stuff from their pockets. Jugyeongs uses her new-found skills to become a famous influencer on the internet. She is treated like a celebrity and people start looking up to her as a ‘beauty queen’ without ever knowing what she truly looks like.

True Beauty also highlights a very important thing in life which a lot of people overlook, the fact that everything that you see on the internet is not necessarily the truth. But it also conveys that no matter what you look like, the people who are close to you love you for who you are. This webtoon covers a topic which most of the people rarely speak on, it exposes the dual standards of society and how people sometimes find loopholes to navigate around them.

Beautifully drawn and beautifully written, True Beauty is truly a work of art. The characters are well developed and like normal people, have their strengths and weaknesses. Another thing which stands out about this webtoon is the author’s ability to convey emotions through facial expressions, they are natural and life-like.

The only complaint that readers have of True Beauty is the cliffhangers. Every episode makes you want to know what happens next! It is extremely hard to wait if the next panel of the webtoon isn’t released yet.

All in all, True Beauty is an amazing webtoon which you won’t regret reading. But beware! Because you might get addicted to its engaging plot.

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