There has been a lot of confusion behind the studio animating the final season of the ever-awaited final season of Attack On Titan. Why did AOT change studios in the first place? Who is the new studio? And What can we expect in the production and animation department for the final season release this weekend.

Why did AOT change studios?

Though it’s not clear as specifically why they wanted to change studios. We know that WIT brought up the subject of changing studios. This is what the producers said  “as creators we wanted the anime to escalate even further. Through many talks With Wit Studio, we understood that the continuation would be difficult, so we looked for a new studio.” This does not give us a clear reason as to why they chose to switch studios they just say that “continuation would be difficult”.

We don’t know all the details but why would Wit studio give up such a successful franchise? Were they not getting paid enough? Do they hate money? Did the producers of AOT ask for more that what Wit could offer? these are a couple reasons I could think of.

What is the new studio?

They offered this project to multiple studios who all rejected it because the spotlight was too bright and “didn’t want to disappoint the fans” or because their schedule was too full or they just didn’t have the capabilities to produce such a high quality anime but, in the end, (thankfully) Mappa studios has accepted the project to produce the final season of AOT. Mappa has been on fire recently.  Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuri on ice, and Dorohedoro are some their biggest hit productions so I think we are in good hands here.

Here is Why Attack On Titan Changed Studios from WIT to MAPPA
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What can we expect from Mappa?

Historically switching studios has made the show worse off (like One Punch Man) but that might not be the case this time. There are going to mixed reactions as usual to the production. Solely based on the trailer for the final season of AOT I believe that manga readers will be completely satisfied with the animation and the production.

Looking at the trailer in detail we can see that Mikasas’ scarf is black in color now which is original to the manga and CGI used for the Titan’s has also improved considerably. I personally believe that the production of this season is going to be amazing. Yes, it’s going to different but it’s going to be much better. This is going to help AOT an already successful franchise cement it’s place as a top tier anime.

Here is Why Attack On Titan Changed Studios from WIT to MAPPA

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