Don’t miss out on Deca-Dence!

Don't miss out on Deca-Dence!

Why should you watch Deca-Dence?

  • Just to get this out of the way it’s not similar to AOT. Just watch the first 2 episodes and you will get it.
  • NUT studio did a great job animating this show. The art was incredible.
  • Great world building leaves you eager to find out more about this world.
  • The show is directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa who also directed hit shows such as Mob Psycho and Death Parade. Mob Psycho has incredible action scenes and the director definitely brought some of that into Deca-Dence and provided thrilling action scenes.
  • The characters are likeable and the chemistry between Natsume and Kaburagi works perfectly to provide a cute and gritty student teacher relationship that keeps you captivated the whole time.
  • Personally I love the ending song of this anime and it definitely gets played repeatedly on the playlist.


Humanity is stuck in this machine called the Deca-Dence where they spend their lives travelling as they fight monsters called Gadolls. There are two types of people in the Deca-Dence the Gears who fight the Gadolls and the tankers who are your average blue collar worker. Our shonen protagonist Natsume lives inside this Deca-Dence as a tanker and is rejected from the gears as she has a prosthetic hand. She wants to join the gears and help end this fighting once and for all so that humans can roam around the world with freedom (sound familiar?). She then meets Kaburagi who becomes her teacher and together they fight to save humanity. Before you write this show off just watch the first 2 episodes.

Anime Impressions: Deca

Not everything is perfect with this show and it has it’s own problems which I cannot discuss without spoiling the story. Some characters didn’t get enough screen time (Kurenai for obvious reason) or development as I would like them to.

Deca-Dence (Episode 4) - Transmission - The Otaku Author
Yes, this is Kureani

Overall it’s a great show and I would recommend everyone to give the first 2 episodes a shot before they decide.