SSSS.Dynazenon Release Schedule For Episode 1-12, SSSS.Dynazenon Where To Watch Guide

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 2
SSSS.Dynazenon Anime by Trigger

SSSS.Dynazenon is a brand new anime coming this winter 2021. Unlike other anime, which are based on some sort of source material such as a manga, novel by game, SSSS.Dynazenon is an original anime and a continuation of SSSS. Gridman created by Studio Trigger who are well known for their other originals like Gurren Lagann, Promare and BNA.

For those who are familiar with the Gridman Universe, SSSS.Gridman an original anime which premiered in Fall 2019 is one of the best mecha anime to air in recent times. It is a joint project between Tsuburaya Productions and Trigger which is based on Tsuburaya’s 1993-1994 live-action tokusatsu TV drama series Gridman the Hyper Agent. Now the Gridman universe is set to continue with a new anime project SSSS.Dynazenon.

The trigger Animation studio is responsible for animation production, meanwhile, Director Akira Amemiya is returning from SSSS. Gridman to work on the sequel. Keiichi Hasegawa is the scriptwriter and Masaru Sakamoto is working on the characters designs. Shiro Sagisu is composing the music for the series.

The first episode is scheduled to premiere on April 3, 2021 at 2:25 am JST on Japanese local channels MBS, Tokyo MX and BS11.

Now with so many big anime returning this winter such as the My Hero Academia Season 5, Slime Diaries it is pretty easy to overlook a new anime like and lost track of SSSS.Dynazenon its episodes and their air date.

So that’s why we have prepared this SSSS. Dynazenon Episode Release Schedule to will help you know when the next episode will come out.

SSSS. Dynazenon Release Schedule

Episode NumberRelease Date
Episode 1April 3, 2021
Episode 2April 10, 2021
Episode 3April 17, 2021
Episode 4April 24, 2021
Episode 5May 1, 2021
Episode 6May 8, 2021
Episode 7May 15, 2021
Episode 8May 22, 2021
Episode 9May 29, 2021
Episode 10June 5, 2021
Episode 11June 12, 2021
Episode 12June 19, 2021

Where to Watch the SSSS.Dynazenon anime online?

Funimation has announced that they will stream the anime for users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Meanwhile AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand and on Wakanim in France, Germany, Russia, and Scandinavia.

When the English Dub for SSSS.Dynazenon will premiere?

Unfortunately, as of writing, there is no official confirmation when the Wonder Egg Priority English dub will come out. However, taking into account the fact that Funimation is one streaming the show, who is pretty popular for their simuldubs, it’s relatively safe to say that an English dub will be announced very soon once it has been approved by its producers.

How many episodes will it have?

It has already been confirmed that the first season of SSSS. Dynazenon TV anime will run for a total of 12 episodes starting from April 3 to June 19, 2021. A new episode in the series will be released every Saturday at 2:25 am JST.

Plot of the Anime

SSSS.Dynazenon Anime Key visual
SSSS.Dynazenon Anime Key visual

One day, Yomogi Asanaka, a first-year student at Fujiyokidai High School, runs into a mysterious man named Gauma who claims to be a “kaiju user.”

The sudden appearance of a kaiju is followed by the entry of the gigantic robot, Dynazenon. In the wrong place at the wrong time are Yume Minami, Koyomi Yamanaka, and Chise Asukagawa, who are dragged into the fight against the kaiju.

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