Hey there! In this article we will talk about Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 13.We have covered every single detail you need to know about next chapter such as its release date, spoilers and official sources through which you can read it.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter is a time travel, science-fiction manga which is currently being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It follows Teppei Sasaki, a manga artist who unintentionally copies a hit manga from 10 years in the future and finds the original author, Itsuki Aino working under him as his assistant.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 13

Is TPGW on break this week?

Yes, the Time Paradox Ghostwriter manga which is also known as TPGW as in short form is on a two weeks break. Therefore no new chapter will be published this week.

Release Date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Time Paradox Ghostwriter was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #36/37. So, it seems like Chapter 13 is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #38. Therefore, Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 13 would have come out on August 16 but due delay it will now release on August 23, 2020. As per the reports the raw scans and spoilers will start surfacing the net 3 days prior to Official release thus by 20th August. Now before moving to spoilers let’s us have a quick recap of previous chapter.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 12 Recap

In the previous chapter after being sucked by the time machine, Sasaki finds himself in a unknown place with Mirai, the robot gifted by his friend in front of him. Mirai tells him that he is currently in a crack of space-time. Mirai tells Sasaki that he has tried everything yet he wasn’t able to prevent Aino’s death and that’s why he used him to destroy her dream. Mirai tells him that in the near future, 8 years later after he was rejected by editor at Shueisha, Sasaki once again tries to write a new story and gets his one-shot in jump. After reading it, Aino conquers her fear and decides to bring out the white knight storyboards she has been hiding for years. That’s why he gave Sasaki white knight so that it will destroy her dream of ever publishing it but he didn’t knew that Aino will come up with Anima a story even more better than the White Knight.

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 13
Sasaki finds himself in a crack in Space-time with Mirai

Mirai offers him two choices. First choice is to return to preasent timeline and live in a world where Itsuki Aino is dead or lose his memory and return to a timeline where the lightening never struck his house and he can continue his normal life without ever meeting Itsuki Aino. Sasaki proposes a new plan which very might very well take his own life. He returns to preasent timeline however the flow of time has stopped.

Where to Read Time Paradox Ghostwriter Chapter 13?

All latest and previous chapters are available on online on Viz Media in English or else you can head over to Shueisha’s own Manga Plus website.

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