Top 5 Anime Simps of 2020.


Well considering the global trends on “Simps”; I mean I have to do something to get in on the action and exposure. So, it’s been almost been surreal since my last blog and I apologize for the delay but, lets get on with it. When people ask what a “Simp” is only one single word comes to mind “Thirsty”.

The Simps of Anime - YouTube

Well it’s technically defined as those people/characters who demand “sexual and/or physical attraction from females” irrespective in terms of their likeness towards that respective male character.
Let’s just skip the technicalities and jump right on this list of Top 5 Anime Simps in the Anime Industry in past decade. Hence, we’re going to be looking into all Anime Series from 2010-2020. Aside from One Piece, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist or Haikyuu even there aren’t much prominent simps to list beside the ones from Under-rated anime series.

1. Lieutenant General Grumman (Full-metal Alchemist Series)

Lt. Gen. Grumman is the Commanding Officer for the Eastern Garrison of Amestris. He’s considered to be one of the most powerful people in the Amestrian Military; he along with his other “influential” friends in the Top Military Brass comprise his army of powerful backers who still made him a power to be reconciled with. On the occasional Friday’s well what can I say, he like to “cross-dress” and this can actually be confirmed when he dresses under the alias for Mrs. (?) Grumman. Well besides being one of the most influential characters in the FMA series.

Motivational FMA 26 by xxRedDragoonxx on DeviantArt
“it’s not that easy Lt. Gen. Grumman.”

You’ve had to think if he gets any ladies’ attention but, what catches my attention is that he’s got a thing for “cross-dressing”. He’s a generic representation of that one character in every anime series the “Perverted Simp” besides, his goals to one day tilt the scales of power in his favor and become the Fuhrer of Amestris in place of King Bradley.

2. Ryunosuke Tanaka (Haikyuu Series)

Presenting to you the hot-headed 3rd year senior student of the Karasuno Volleyball Team of the Miyagi Prefecture. He along with his counter-part Nishinoya make up the duo that are always trying to get the manager of the their team Miyoko to get to notice him. Unfortunately, his advances always get ignore

Tanaka - Haikyuu xD Buddha face, i love it | Haikyuu funny ...
“Tanaka after he sees Miyoko at the end of every match….”

He’s also extremely protective of her to other’s who dare to lay an eye on her; this fact is confirmed when few moments after to Karasuno’s match with Nekoma, a member of the opposing team Taketora Yamamoto says he has a crush on her. At that moment Tanaka gets heated up but, he ends up bonding and joining him along with Nishinoya to continue to protect Miyoko from the evil men of the society. Talk about over-protection, sheeesh…….

3. Brock (Pokemon Series; The Original)

Its time for one of my and your’s favorite Anime-cartoons of childhood, we have the Pokemon franchise and lets all meet this handsome man. Brock is an aspiring Pokemon Doctor and Gym Trainer of Pewter City Gy

After 20 long years, Brock from the 'Pókemon' series finally gets ...
Brock simp moments….

He’s a tall and cool guy but, he this simp-ness in him that makes him wanna just confront girls out in the open. He gets rejected 98% of the time with a few exceptions but, he tries to do the same every single time and without fail. In my books he’s of of the biggest simps out in our Anime Fandom.

4. Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece)

I know people have been waiting for Sanji to make an appearance then hold on as this wait ends now. His ability to simp is more visible than any Anime persona and character we’ve seen so far. I mean the guy looses all sense of purpose and sanity when a girl comes in the story frame. He’s from One Piece and a really interesting character.

One piece Sanji Drawing 😊 | One Piece Amino
Sanji loosing sanity and transforming into a Simp….

These are what we in the Simp terms call the “virgin white knight stereotypes” and they present themselves as knights full-filling their duties to guard the “maidens” of the world from the “lurking evils” (other men) from the society. Looking at him we can classify him as a “Thirsty Guy” under the Simp Types as he cant be the “virgin chivalry type” that’s for certainty.

5. Satou Kazuma (Kono-Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!)

Its time to put the most recommended Anime character a placement in our ranking again. Meet Kazuma the boy who got oofed by a tractor in his universe and was sent to an alternate with the blessings of an aqua goddess. He’s a Simp alright and a big one at that; heck he doesn’t even tries to hide it. Unlike Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece he’s the over-all definition of a Simp.

Kasuma being "Simp Lord".

He’s the kind of person who tries to “enjoy being taken by a chimera” but later realizes that the chimera was a trap and that the thing he could feel poking in his back was actually a long schlong.

Anyways that is the end for this blog. I’ll see you all very soon, till then stay safe!