Hey there! The Ayakashi triangle chapter 7 is out now and wait for its 8th chapter has begin. So In this article we will talk about Ayakashi triangle chapter 8. We have covered every single detail that you need to know such as its release date, spoilers and the official sources through which you can read this chapter in English.

Drawn by the creator of Black Cat and Artist of To Love Ru, Ayakashi Triangle is Kentaro Yabaki’s latest work which first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump a month ago. The manga deals with exorcism and ninjas and comes with a heavy dose of fanservice and a huge surprise at the end.

Ayakashi triangle Chapter 8

Release date

As for the record, the previous chapter of Haikyuu was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #35. So, it seems like the second chapter is going to release in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #36. Therefore Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 8 shoud be out by August 9, however but due to a holiday in Japan it will release on Monday August 10th. Also as per reports the raw scans and leaks will be out by Friday. Now let’s have a quick recap to previous chapter.

Ayakashi triangle Chapter 6 Recap

The chapter begins with the group talking about TV series where Matsuri says it is not appropriate for a girl to kiss a guy untill they are married. Suzu is feels distressed hearing this. Later Matsuri is called by his Senpai to talk about Suzu and her being an Ayakashi medium. He says that since old times it has been said that an Ayakashi medium is the child of Ayakashi and human ans if her Ayakashi blood took over body then they might need to exorcise her. Matsuri is enraged by it. Later that night Matsuri is thinking about Suzu and time he spent with her in the past when she appears out of nowhere in her room and kisses her.

Suzu kisses Mats
Suzu kisses Matsuri


The last panel just took the hype level to new levels. There are so many questions like is she the real Suzu or a fake one, an Ayakashi whose presence Shirogane felt earlier.

Where to read Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 8 online?

All the latest and previous chapter are available on Viz Media and Mangaplus. Mangaplus also offers chapters in Espanol/Spanish. However due to content policies you can’t read the series on Shonen Jump’s mobile app.

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